Remove all rewards from people who got banned

How would it fly? I’m a dunce.

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That literally has zero to do with what I said.

If I stream and want to play with viewers I am perfectly able to via the tos.

Make some friends and stop complaining.

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How were the top players cheating? I’d love to hear this excuse :joy:

And you are glossing over the fact that I gave an explicit example and behavior of being in the wrong for years. While belittling me.

Because it’s not in the wrong. Which means your “reason” isn’t valid.

I have to assume he thinks building a timewalking set with a dozen sockets is “cheating” in this context. Can’t think of anything else that the “top 1%” would have specifically been doing.

…nevermind that there were plenty of the World First raider types doing these on trial characters, or characters in nothing but Shadowlands gear.

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I would agree. Which is why I’m waiting to laugh really hard at their explanation.

Besides the WoW section is just chatting with a background distraction. If you need a “buy-in” to have viewers you are a boring content creator.

It drags them across the ground in a walk of shame.

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Simple thing is, it doesn’t matter and never did. I still fondly remember seeing people lose their minds in Hellfire when they replaced their Vanilla raid epics with Citadel blues and quest greens. It was very entertaining.

People need to remember this is just a game.


Yes and I agree with you. But now more than even way back then to me gear means less. And since it empirically does I just don’t understand why people view gear as a definition of progression/“being done”. It’s just a tool to more effectively go after other things nothing more.

With the whole boosting thing being so “mainstream” in modern times it wouldn’t surprise me if a decent amount of casuals just didn’t know any better and thought it was OK because “i’m using ingame gold, what’s the problem?”… and also add the fact that most people rarely read their terms and conditions/credit card agreememts/contracts/etc and just blindly sign said documents.

I can totally picture a low-information/low-IQ casual standing there in Orgrimmar/Stormwind replenishing his consumables at the AH after a couple frustrating hours of Mage Tower wipes :face_with_hand_over_mouth: , him glancing over and seeing a “Mage Tower boost” advertised amongst the constant waterfall of trade chat boost ads, right-clicking one such ad and making arrangements with the seller/pilot-booster.

Gold and password/login credentials are exchanged, and here we are :popcorn:

On the other hand, I imagine a good # of them really DID know what they were doing/that “pilot” boosts are against the rules, but decided to roll the dice and do it anyways since they just wanted that Fel werebear skin/flying book mount sooooo badly (temptation).

I wonder whatever happened to people having basic critical thinking skills? I learned my lesson a long time ago regarding account theft/strangers getting their hands on my username/password. My account got hacked back in 2006/someone cleaned out my gold and I suspect it was due to getting phished on an official-looking (but fake) Blizzard homepage. It’s all good though, a GM restored my account and I learned to be more careful and check the URL of pages going forward.

So to see casuals sooooo desperate for a Mage Tower reward that they were literally willing to voluntarily share their login/password credentials with a shady, total stranger for a “pilot” boost is crazy to me. I got burned once, now I would never think of handing over my password/credentials to unverified strangers.

As I’ve often said, some people derive their self-worth based on their achievements in a virtual game. It’s pathetically sad but so common to see.

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Again nothing that’s against tos.

So feel free to complain about stuff that doesn’t matter.

If you really object to boosting you would stop playing, Blizzard emps boost for gold, all day, everyday.

A month long ban starting the day of 9.2 - for anyone even remotely serious about the game - is actually a fairly creative… fairly devistating punishment.

Almost anyone who was serious enough about Account Trading for Mage Tower would likely fall into this category. I guess stripping them would be appropriate, but honestly? This is fine as it is.

I’m actually somewhat impressed with Blizzard.

Even verified friends should not be given the account info. The number of stories where a former friend/partner/spouse/sibling did something to the account is pretty high. If the “compromise” access logs match the normal ones then Blizz does not see it as a compromise and won’t fix it.


I’m with you. I just don’t understand how someone’s boosting affects anyone else. They lost $$, they had a big chance on having their account lost to hackers with the account sharing, and now the ban from WoW. I think they’ve paid for their “crimes”. Yes the broke the rules big time and are being punished by Blizz, but it doesn’t affect me or anyone besides the people who were boosted and got the bans. People are quite vindictive. /peace

Wait did they not get anything removed? Just suspended for a month?

Can’t you technically let spouses and children use accounts?