Remove all rewards from people who got banned

What Blizzard REALLY needs to do is start scrutinizing the accounts of those players who are currently up in arms about the rules being enforced and trying to spin this as a bad thing.


Maybe they purposefully overtuned Mage Tower as a dragnet, since they suspected this would be a big ticket item for RMT carries.


The most hilarious thing is how the same people who were saying that MT was ‘too easy’ or shouldn’t be nerfed because it would ‘ruin the accomplishment’ are now begging to allow the cheaters to keep their rewards. You’d think cheaters being allowed to get the awards would ‘ruin the accomplishment’ for them, but I guess not.

Curious :face_with_monocle: .


I couldnt care less about paid carries, but they have screwed over a few nice things for us who dont abuse the game over those who do. That does get annoying. If there were no bots, Ion wouldnt feel so compelled to screw over boxing, for instance.


Indeed :face_with_monocle::coffee:

Eh, it was fine other than a few outlier fights like Holy Priest and Guardian Druid… and the forums (mostly made up of casuals/lesser-skilled players to begin with?) are always crying/complaining about something, so nothing new there

Still kinda surprised this many players apparently bought “carries” for the Mage Tower and got caught up in this, not gonna lie :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :popcorn:

But then again, it somewhat makes sense…

  1. limited-time “FOMO” effect created an artificially high demand, and amplified by Christmas time
  2. both casuals and high-end players would be tempted to just throw gold or an RMT payment at a “Mage Tower carry” rather than do it the honest way/put in the wipes
  3. sick-looking rewards/cosmetics only amplified #2

The whole “FOMO” thing is probably the biggest culprit/factor in this case. If people didn’t feel “pressured” to do X limited-time activity then they would take their time/work on it at their own pace rather than resort to dealing with questionable/shady 3rd party “Mage Tower boosters” and RMT


Some people are miserable, they want others to be miserable so they enforce their beliefs on them.

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They still pay a sub. They should have access to the content when the ban is over.

Punishment culture is very real in the west, lol. People get so blood thirsty. “What do you mean he is only doing x amount of time!?”


I agree to a point. The one part I don’t agree with is

If they got banned and had it removed due to them being piloted etc (especially a day before a patch launch) then that would be punishment enough cause in the 30 days or however long it is (I keep seeing 30 pop up) the legion time walking event will have passed by the time they come back. They would have to wait til it’s next cycle again in order to give it more attempts.

I’m glad they are cracking down on the Account sharing and all that mumbo jumbo.

Btw to those that feel as though your ban was false, just put in an appeal. Saw a lot of stuff on reddit (and other forum threads) of people claiming they didn’t account share etc. Just put in an appeal that’s all you can do.

I read that the stuff they gained will be terminated from their acc if it was due to acc sharing.

and why do you care so much about what they care about, Karen?

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Imho,no,if they come back in should be able to collect them again,that is extremely to harass.

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With that should a person be banned for sell 20 -200 ore in a AH? which isn’t do to social issues but more towards competition or asking a question in GD.

Stripping everything from a player is wrong that includes pets and mounts they bought with real money.

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No, what it means is that prestige still has actual value contrary to what all the WoW token whiners would have you believe, enough value that people who are used to buying their way into everything aren’t used to taking no for an answer.

Mage Tower can be a turning point about righting community perception on the value on prestige, that not everything can be bought, and that if you break the rules you will be banned.

Blizzard needs to hold the line and hold firm. Mage Tower is one of the few features that just about every content creator praised and was a PR win for Blizzard. The only sort of negativity has been it’s removal at the end of the event.


ah? I thought the mage tower was a solo instance why did Maizou say carries???Nvm I found it.

I just want to know how many people bought the MT carry? I am very curious. This has caused an uproar.


they just trolling

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I really wish they would make some of these limited events year-round. Like I would love to do all their time-walking raids whenever I felt like it.

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oh, that’d be popular as hell, lol!


“Do not be too hasty to deal out … judgement. Even the very wise cannot see all ends.”

Case in point: someone in my guild bought SIX MILLION gold in tokens to pay for a Mythic Sylv carry. And while I think that’s embarrassingly absurd, it’s entirely on the level.

Except-- Blizzard BANNED him as part of the “whoops, we made a mistake” part of this process. So he’s getting a 30 day suspension THE DAY BEFORE A NEW PATCH.

He will appeal this. It’ll get fixed. But when??? NOTHING will make up for the experience of playing the DAY a new patch releases.

I think we all want Blizzard to be heavy-handed with bots and cheaters and people that exploit the game. But you can’t be so quick to deal out that justice on people that haven’t done anything wrong.

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