Remove all rewards from people who got banned

I don’t know about massive but they certainly banned some vocal people

Not enough banning if you ask me. The complete lack of a pvp api to inspect matches played during a season easily obfuscates clear boosting and win-trading. Not to mention the twitch streamers giving sub luck/preferential play for people who donate. There is no legitimate reason why a multi-rank 1 glad should have 10k games each season in 2s fluttering around the 1600-2200ish.


It’s humanitarian and I respect that. For me, I do like a good serving of vengeance. I think what you said about IRL is valid sometimes too, I’m not going to give examples but I think some things aren’t acceptable.


Edit: looks like they will do what you wanted OP.

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There is a funny way to resolve it… track the boosted accounts and change the book mount to anything else like a mount in form of words like “boosted”or “I can’t sir”.

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Is it not a permban? Doesn’t that pretty much take care of any reward?

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I think what Blizzard needs to do is look at how many people apparently bought carries for the Mage Tower and realize that if it’s that noticeable to them, the Mage Tower is probably indeed overturned like the forums were screaming. If that many people chose to break the rules and pay real money and share their account because something was too hard, that should be an indicator that it needs to be changed.

(And no, something being too hard does not justify RMT or account sharing, before someone thinks that’s what I mean lol)

But yes, if they were suspended for account sharing for the Mage Tower, any mage tower rewards should be stripped. Not just the book, but armor and wrebear too.


Most, if not all, got a 30 day suspension.

EDIT: (At least I haven’t seen anyone claim they got a perma)


You missed the point where sharing account is against the Eula and you have to agree on that before create the account…

I never said account sharing was okay?

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That is a question or statement?

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You said that like I said it. Hence the question. Lol.

I will never agree with people who participates in RMT or account sharing. However, if blizzard deemed them to only get av30 day suspension for it, then the rewards should be removed.


Why are people so vindictive about this crap?


Look at your gear and think to yourself does it matter? Look at your metaprogression that doesn’t get wiped each patch, and then come to understand why I stand where I do.


Well you said that…so as you mentioned, they knew that is something illegal and yet they still continue to do so. Then yes they should be penalized right?

If you think the mage tower is too hard and have to change… you can “help” in that by the council community.

The Mage Tower should be changed, not the rules lol.

And I fully intend to talk about the Mage Tower the next time it’s up. I think we could all use a break from the forum mage tower argument for now lol


Yeah even me. Just gonna try for some last minute chances at korthia drops before people don’t come back to this cursed zone.

Vagueposting isn’t very convincing to me. Sorry.

Whatever gear I’ve earned or progress I’ve made is mine. I couldn’t care less what someone else has, or if they value the challenge/experience enough to bother getting it for themselves.


Did you ironically name yourself Boostins and make a complaint about boosting?

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That’s a tall order even for Blizzard.

Identifying what was gained via boosting or not could be difficult depending on the users frequency.