Reminder! This is only a test!

Because it’s early in the game and he is thinking about the future rather than the short term

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There is nothing I have that is so precious to me that I cannot just get it again. See that might be the difference here, it is just pixels to me and not some family heirloom.

Pixels come, pixels go. It is just a game.

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Yeah but alot of time lol if I had to restart I would quit

If this is a hobby, which it should be, then who cares. The time was spent doing something I wanted and relaxes me.

I think people get too fixated on pixels. Remember, one day all of this will be deleted and gone.

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Am I glad I spent the time to get full t3 on my rogue, kingsfall and death’s sting, absolutely. Are they useful now? Not in the slightest. Things come and go, don’t get too attached to them.

So long as the “test” lasts a year or two in duration; I don’t care what you call it.

But transmog is forever!

Yeah but in the moment it was good if you think like that why play at all if everything is gonna be useless in a few months

Which are?

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That’s his point, who cares if you have to reroll and lose gear, it was good while you used it, now time to get some different/new gear.

Yeah I guess it’s just different how people enjoy the game personally the main part of it for me is the loot and I wouldn’t want to restart just cause of pvp which is side content for me

Liking the race you’ve chosen and the friends that you’ve made? You can’t really say that all the horde players are slaves to min/max and then say that you only chose alliance so that you could get blue pvp gear faster than them.

Yeah but it’s the same gear tho not like we’re in black temple he’s grinding for the same stuff just cause he wants better racials

LOL what do you think it’s a test for? Just arbitrary changes?

No thats totally fair. If you have friends/guild, I consider that the most important factor.

Not necessarily. My Horde is a shaman, something I never had on Alliance. So it is a completely different and new experience.

New gear, new role, new skills, new position in the raid. I mean honestly have you never replayed Zelda, or cranked up Fallout 4 to give it another go, maybe another run through Skyrim? Again, folks are getting way to attached to pixels.

My guild has a Horde chapter and we are all on Discord, so I can chat with friends and play with guildies. Plus I get instant BG queues as a Horde. No downside here for me.

Then why would you ask why players would stay as alliance? Classic isn’t difficult enough to justify chasing the meta.

You’ll have to forgive me, for months I’ve been told ‘without Queues Alliance cease to exist.’

I’m sure there are dozens of people that believe that lol.

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