Reminder! This is only a test!

None of the changes are permanent and this week is just another test. I would not get too excited as we have no idea how many more tests there will be and what the final changes will be. Also, after this week the changes go away so be prepared for next week to be the old BG systems again.

Just saying…

I would not get too uppity and condescending, since this is just another test and it all goes back to normal after this week.


these changes will be perm’d

That is what was said for the last test too, but this test made changes and has some new and different things.

So no, I would not place money on the current changes being the final product. I expect at least one more test event.

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HvH BGs are going into the game—I bet they have decided on that.

Now they are just tinkering with feedback about the loot boxes.

No way they test it twice and don’t put it in-game.




Yeah…there’s almost no chance that these changes don’t become permanent. They’re just not going to allow those que times to continue. Whether this is the final form or not remains to be seen, but faction versus faction bg’s are going to be a thing.

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I dont understand why not merc mode. We could use some more pvpers on ally side. This literally helps a lot.

I’m cool with either one. We just want decent queues.

My point is not to debate what is going to ultimately be permanent or not, but to remind folks that this is just another test and the changes will be turned back off after this week. For how long the changes will be turned off, who knows, maybe a week, maybe a month.

Point is, folks should be prepared to have some time after this week without the changes.


It’s going to be sooner rather than later. I know you don’t like that, but I’d make my peace with that if I were you.

Just like how the Horde made peace with the choice to choose the faction that was the most popular and had long lines?

No, if this has taught us anything, it is that you should NEVER make peace with something you do not like. Because if enough people whine and complain for long enough, Blizzard will change it.


if youre horde, youre an ally. now go give up

I am actually both.

Again, you’re trying to turn this into some weird faction thing. It’s not horde versus alliance. It’s people just like you paying to play a video game. Get angry if you think that’s a good use of your time, but this is coming. You’re not going to be able to stop that.


well time to main horde lil guy :smiley:

Yep, Already making the switch, started a horde last week. And got a Horde Boost.

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So instead of “never making your peace” with the issue, your solution is give blizzard more of your money? I won’t lie…I find your thought process fascinating.

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Hey, I never said I do not like the game in general, or do not find enjoyment playing it.

It is possible to like something as a whole, but disagree with certain aspects of it. BGs in WoW are not the entire game.

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Yeah and people are providing feedback. If this is just a test then everyone should be happy that feedback is coming in and in turn stop complaining about the feedback.

By your logic, because I do not like a specific TV show, I should stop paying for cable and stop watching TV all together then?

Help me out here on this, because your thought process is fascinating.

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