Reminder! This is only a test!

So if 99% of the Alliance don’t want to PvP, and only 1% of the faction truly cares…

Why is such a super-minority of the Alliance population making such a fuss about this?

That’s like 0.5% of the total population screaming to negate a change that will benefit 50% of the total population…

Sounds awfully stupid to me.

Usually not. But the blue post very specifically states that these tests are due to feedback on the forums.

You really need to learn to read!

No one said that they are not going to be permanent sometime in the future. But the changes you are using RIGHT NOW, will go away at the end of the week. That is why its called a TEST. And when they are implemented, they could be different, again, that is why they are TESTING!

I swear, some people just gotta try and start arguments.

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It feels like ankot of Alliance folks either want some way to guarantee a win, or a fast loss with boosted honor. Anything in between isn’t wanted.


Isn’t that about the total percentage that even come to this forum?

The only thing they will take away if anything is the alliance reward boxes. Thats it.

This is basically what you gonna get.

Again, lot of copium is inhaled by OP

Weird… I thought there was a separate client and servers they used to test things… O.o

Yeah, probably…so thanks for further proving my point haha.

There’s even less people than 0.5% of the population who are against this change.

You were saying…

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I doubt most players even realize that a change is even being tested.

Which proves my point even further lmao! A majority of players don’t even know OR care. But the 1% of the Alliance who PvP are having an absolute meltdown and are just kicking and screaming that the sky is falling.

What copium.

I have no doubt that some version of FvF BGs will be implemented, never said otherwise. I would say you are inhaling the copium if you think this test will not end and there is not going to be a period of time when it all goes back to the original system.

You are trying to start an argument where there is none. I know the BG system is going to get a change and odds are it will be similar to what is in place now.

This entire thread was to warn folks that it is a test and the test is going to end, so be prepared for it all to go away for some period of time, be it a week, a month, a year, who knows, but the test will end.

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I don’t even believe that. It’s like 1% of the player base that uses the forums. Most people want epic loot just for logging in and that hasn’t happened yet.

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Yeah… that’s the point. They’re running tests on live servers. It’s quite sad Blizzard has us Beta testing a live version of the game. The Enlistment bonus is a joke for the Alliance. Last night, I only got 2 netherweave cloth, some bread and 2g.

This is not TBC, this is some frankensteined version of the game that has been monetized. There have been too many changes. I only stay playing WoW because I’ve been playing it for so long.

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Gotcha! Yeah, I think many agree with you. This is not the Classic we all wanted or asked for.

I believe TBCC got invaded by retail players that do not like Shadowlands and still want to play WoW and came here. Now they want it to be the same as what they had in retail. And since they are now the majority, guess who is getting changes made…

I just fear they will all get bored in a few months and leave us with this steamy bag of garbage they made.

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The classic we all wanted and asked for just won’t work with such a small number of people playing it. TBCC has already peaked. Very few new players are jumping in like they were when TBC was current.

It works both ways though. It could be argued that its popularity is reducing BECAUSE of the changes.

There were a lot of people that just wanted Classic without all the frills and bells and whistles. When they did not get that they left.

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It doesn’t work both ways. When TBC was current, it was building up to like 10 million subscribers. That was never going to happen with a rerelease. That constant flood of new players entering the game helped balance out issues like this faction lopsidedness. That’s why alliance dominance started to subside in those early days. Now community problems can only be fixed with the current player base. No one else is coming into the game to help with that.

A lot of the player base is not going to be willing to spend significant time, money, or both to help fix the issue. Every time one of you guys go horde, you make it worse.

I think they are just refining it.

I’ll probably fully cap my ally marks and honor through premades starting on the 27th. I also may or may not play my horde in normal BGs. Even though my horde is way less geared I’ve been too annoyed with other horde to even do a lot of regular games but maybe I will.

Once the change is permanent or tested again I plan to avoid BGs pretty much entirely (i’ll play if they add an opt out but i dont expect it).

Did you have no raid gear? Why would you lose all your progress