Reminder! This is only a test!

I’m not sure there’s much logic in that analogy, but if you don’t like a particular tv show, watch something else. Day after day you complain about things that have nothing to do with you and then the solution is to give Blizzard more money? Keeping you unhappy is probably great for their bottom line.

You’re not going to play any better as horde. Just go with what you like. You’re going to spend all your time chasing it. Trust me when I tell you, that doesn’t stay fun for long.

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Change is definitely coming, but I don’t know if it will necessarily be HvH BGs.

Anyone with a single working brain cell knows that horde queue times are way too long, no one should be disputing that.

The solution, however, is the contentious debate. I already leveled my boosted horde toon to 70 so I’m set either way. Because if blizzard goes with the current test as the solution, there is zero reason to play alliance now.

If they ever open up faction transfers I will transfer all my alliance toons to horde, further making alliance a ghost town.


I believe there is a decent amount of Alliance that feel the same way. Unless you are just dead set on being one of the Alliance races, there is really no incentive to stay.

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It’s definitely going to be HvH bg’s. They’ve spent too much time for it to be anything else. There’s plenty of reasons to stay as alliance. Presumably you like your toon and you like the people in your guild. Classic just isn’t difficult enough to justify switching factions because of random battlegrounds.

If you only pve, yes. If you pvp, not a chance.

There’s plenty of top ranked alliance pvpers. Is it all about random battlegrounds? If so, you’re still getting in almost instantly as alliance. I really don’t see what all the fuss is about.

Well if his guild is like most, they have chapters for both factions, my guild has both an Alliance and Horde chapter so nothing lost there. And one could argue that because Classic is not difficult, that makes it easier to switch factions.

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Spending the 10 days of in game time to level up again is the issue. That’s a significant investment of time and it won’t change your experience in any meaningful way. Your guild is much bigger than mine if you have a separate one for each faction. We’re on incendius so I guess it’s just different. There are barely any horde here. I’ve been ganked exactly one time lol.

Because alliance is 99% carebears who absolutely suck at pvp. Just the way it is. If I can play on the constantly winning side and have instant queues, why would I stay alliance?

And we have a sister guild horde side. I already have an undead in the guild.

There’s some truth to that, but didn’t they say that the bg win percentage is actually pretty close? The funny thing is that if enough of those alliance “carebears” go horde, that win percentage will drop lol.

The time investment is negligible really. For me, the 10 days to level up is fun and is a hobby. I have every intention of having several alts, so I will just make one of those alts a Horde.

Then, if they offer Faction Transfers, I can move anyone I want.

See the main issue is this. It has been proven that Horde win more often than Alliance in BGs, they also have a bigger PvP pool in which to group with, if you care about PvP in the slightest, then now that the Horde have near instant queues, there is no reason not to switch to Horde.

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Yeah…there is an advantage to being on the side with more players, but there are alliance players that are very skilled in arena. I don’t think they’re going to be moving to horde. I think the players that struggle in arena will switch and then be disappointed that their rating is still the same.

They did say that. That was when you could do full pre-mades. So blizzard did not flat out lie, they just omitted major relevant details about their “data”. :blush:

Arenas are a different matter. There will be teams that have been working together for years. They will never up and move. But for the majority of players, they are not the top 5% of PvPers. working to get into the next Arena Championships.

For these players BGs are the majority of what they do and they do Arenas but are not tied to any class, faction or team.

So the win percentage goes from close to 50/50 to 99/1 because of premades? That would mean that the majority of pvp is being done in premades wouldn’t it?

I just have a hard time believing that people are going to spend time and money to only do the content that rewards gear that doesn’t matter. The time versus reward doesn’t compute for me lol.

If you feel this way…why on earth would you want to play with the Alliance?

Masochism seems to be the Alliance way.

Because we all knew how long horde queue times were going to be and I was actually choosing to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Had I known I could have just incessantly whined on the forums and daddy blizzard would end up giving me my balloon and ice cream, I would have rolled horde from the start like everyone else.


You must know that Blizzard doesn’t care about the forums lol.

You really gotta inhale a lot of copium if you think these changes are not gonna be permanent.