Regarding the Enigma Crucible Arena

As we previously mentioned, our initial intention was to release the Enigma Crucible with a unique mechanic, a central button that allowed players to manipulate the pillar configuration throughout a match. During implementation, we found some concerns like pathing and line-of-sight issues that could have sporadically affected players and some of their class abilities. So to provide the best play experience and avoid potential frustrations, we have decided to go forward with the version that is currently available on the 9.2.5 PTR which has a single pillar configuration that remains locked throughout the match. We do not plan to pursue the initial version at this time.

Thank you for your understanding and we’ll see you in the Arena.


Wow new things

Good stuff, appreciate not having to fight changing map geometry in addition to players


So literally what we already knew weeks ago from the last blue post on this arena…what was the point of this one?


Hey guys, this is what we have been working on realllllllly hard! Sorry we neglect the current game. Tuning obviously ridiculous damage is sooooooooo hard.

Fix death grip noob


Or anytime? :smiley:

Orgrimmar Arena was awful…


Back when i used to post in the arena forums in like… Cata, we used to say “Gosh I wish the blues posted in Arena Forums more!”. Such a weird change that we want less communication now, apparently.

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Thank goodness.

We don’t want less, this is just redundant. They’ve already said this in the past, and now they’re saving it again.

It has nothing to do with “less”, it has to do with why repeat known information and waste our time of having to re-read something that was known weeks ago when they blueposted about this.

I personally couldnt care if a blue came in to say “Hey guys, you all sucks at Arena, LAWL!” then left. More blue visibility is a good thing.


Screw the map, this is more important.

Thinking about when Shadow players in s1 and s2 said that their spec would be terrible because no good leggo.

Neat, although I thought that we’ve known this for a bit.

It was called Ring of Valor.

It was fun as a hunter at least, almost guaranteed flare on rogues since I could pre-cast it before the floor was flat and the match started.

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Well, it’s good news, so I’m going to respond favorably.

Thank you for the post

that’s super cool
any news on tier sets running arena rn or
because i honest could do without new maps and mechanics if it means a destro lock and his buddy skeletor are gonna hit me with disrespectful damage

Good choice. Pillars moving is just a bad design. You should force people out with positioning imo, not with a push of a button.


Boo. The moving pillars were the only interesting thing about this arena.


Because previously they implied that they might find a fix for the issue and use the originally planned behavior of the arena. Blizzard is now confirming that they won’t be doing that and the version of the arena on the PTR is what will ship with 9.2.5.

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