Regarding the Enigma Crucible Arena

Not really. 99 petcent of things are more important than leggos for sp

Shocking that you thought this would ever work. Prioritize better

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Fake news dude

Sp leggos are broken. Especislly talbs

when is 9.2.5?

So, just another generic arena with nothing interesting.

Lame. Bring back the ring of blood arena, at least.

yeah vulpera warlock player take here

That’s a good thing, though. We don’t want whacky new arenas right now.



I’d wreck ya.

I guess, with the sorry state pvp is in? But eh, doesn’t add anything interesting to just repaint the same map again.

It was fun, lol.

Different map sizes with slight variations in pillar widths and configurations is enough to mix stuff up.

It’s enough, sure. But I’d like more than the bare minimum.

Though, pvp in general could use more than the bare minimum attention given to it, I suppose.

gimmicks are bad for competitive game modes
brawls should exist for weird quirky things like enigmas original design

making a new map not gimmicky isn’t the bare minimum lmfao


Until your pet inevitably got bugged on the pillar.

How about you balance PvP instead?

What’s wrong with death grip?

Infrequently (or maybe semi-frequently?) fails to pull somebody.

It usually seems to happen when the gripped target is standing at a different elevation or on an incline/ramp.

i can see the perspective that they should not bother adding new maps if all they’re gonna do is give up on a bad idea. if nothing else, there’s old maps worth updating or just remastering, to use the same resources going into new maps

I’m surprised that Ruins hasn’t gotten a bit of a touch-up.

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if nothing else the number of targeting reticule abilities they design into the game would benefit from a map with less

  • blindingly bright crap
  • 1cm pebbles
    covering the ground

Oh, yeah. I wish that the Bastion arena had a little “accessibility” Steward that you could talk to in the prep/waiting room to enable a “dark/night” mode.