Recruiting! [A] Benediction <Daybreak> Daytime and Evening Raiding - All 3 Teams 14/14 with all hard modes down

All three of Daybreak’s teams are 14/14 with all hard modes down in Ulduar 25.

Daybreak is an East Coast, Alliance raiding guild on Benediction PVP server. We are a collection of players committed to taking on the challenge of Classic WoW PvE progression. We are casual in the time commitment of number of days we raid, but we expect Members to maintain a focus and preparedness to effectively and efficiently complete PvE content.

Daybreak was created initially for daytime alliance raiding. As our community has grown over the past two iterations of Classic, we now have both structured daytime and evening raid teams.

Daybreak enjoyed a strong Classic Vanilla experience, running two 40-man teams from Molten Core to Naxxramas, and we completed all PvE content within Classic Vanilla. In Burning Crusade we ran three 25-man teams from Gruul/Mag to Sunwell, and we completed all pre-nerf content in TBC.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic Recruitment Needs

Wed/Thur 10a-1p team needs:
-Survival Hunter
-Feral Druid
-Fury Warrior
-Exceptional applicants

Tue/Thur 8p-11:30p team needs:
-Fire Mage
-Frost Death Knight
-Unholy Death Knight
-Exceptional applicants

Sat/Sun 10a-2p team needs:
-Unholy Death Knight
-Exceptional applicants

Values for a positive guild & community: we are a guild and community that seeks to…
• build one another up, not tear down
• help and serve one another, not play for your own isolated gain
• grow as a team to progress through content, not act as a collection of individuals
• act in a mature manner, but humor is encouraged

Visit our discord to read our Guild Charter outlining our Organizational Structure and Loot System. Our application is listed on the Discord as well.

Discord →

Thank you,
Daybreak Officer Team

We’re getting ready for Wrath! If you are available for daytime or evening raids and would like to join a guild that has cleared all PvE content in Vanilla/TBC, stop by our discord!

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Officially recruiting for Wrath!

Bump for a group of good guys! Been together as a guild since August 2019 and still going strong!

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Bump let’s go! Wrath is upon us soon!

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Wrath hype

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Come join a fun, community based guild! 3 different raid teams! Always something going on!

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Join our discord and come check out Daybreak!

6 more days

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Do you guys need tanks or OTs?

Our recruitment needs are always changing. The original post lists what all 3 teams are recruiting and it’s updated immediately.

Bump! Wrath is upon us!

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Still need a few for our evening raid team! Disc and Shadow priests, warlock, and dps warrior!

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Bump. Weekend team looking for a couple dps.

Bump! Our weekend team is looking for a balance druid, affliction lock, or any exceptional applicants. All exceptional applicants and casual members will be considered as well!

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Two of our teams are still looking for some players!

our weekday morning team has opened recruitment for:
-Retribution Paladin
-Death Knight (Frost or Unh)

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bump for the boys


Ulduars right around the corner, looking for a few exceptional applicants to fill our rosters!


bump it up

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