[A] Benediction <Daybreak> Daytime Raiding - Cleared All Pre-nerf TBC & Vanilla Content

Find Daybreak’s WOTLK recruitment needs in the linked thread!


Looking for a Daytime raiding guild? Come check out our discord

Bumping for a crew of great guys!

Wish you guys needed a geared Mage.

Always apply! Exceptional applications are always considered!

Bump! Still recruiting for Daytime raiding!!! Hit us up in Discord!

All three teams are 3/3, 11/11. Drop us a note!

New positions available! Looking for some pumpers!

Looking for a daytime raiding guild, come check out our disc

Bumping this post. We have a few more roles available than before for interested parties! All three teams are 3/3, 11/11. Drop us a note if you’re a daytime player!

Looking for a daytime raiding guild, looking to kill bosses during the weekends, come check out Daybreak discord for our recruiting needs

Looking to fill our last couple raid spots, alliance daytime raiding guild, come visit us

Bumping for daytime raiding!

Giving the good ole bump!

Calling all daytime raiders

Still recruiting a few additional core raiders for all teams!

Looking for final spots to be filled on our 25-man teams! If you are excited for SSC/TK, hit us up!

Bumping for daytime raiding!

Are you looking for holy priests? Also what are attendance requirements?

I think its funny that guilds like Idol from Fairbanks are considering transferring and actually think they could contend for a top spot on Benediction. They’re the big fish in a small pond and relative to most Benediction guilds are absolute trash.