Recruiting! [A] Benediction <Daybreak> Daytime and Evening Raiding - All 3 Teams 50/50 Heroic ToGC

Bump! Ulduar is coming!

All three teams are looking to refine our rosters for Ulduar. Join our discord if you’re interested.

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Bump, need 1-2 more for the night team!

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bump! rounding off our teams with some final quality raiders

Bump, night crew looking for a few.

T-Minus 4 days and counting!

Bump for the dks

Bump, Ulduar soon!!

Todays the day, still got some open spots for Ulduar progression!

Bump! Looking for the last few exceptional players to round out our teams for Ulduar Hard mode progression!

Bump, bump!

Looking for a few more for the night team

Look for 1-2 more solid players to round off the evening team roster!

Evening team needs a Holy Paladin for an immediate raid spot in progression. Went 3/10 hard modes this week!

Evening team currently 3/10HM looking for Holy Pally and Shadow Priest!

Went 5/10HM this week, could really use a Holy Pally! Tue&Thur 8-11:30pm

Still looking for a holy pally

7/10 HM. Still looking for Holy Paladin and Shadow Priest

Bump! Continuing to round off our teams as we work on HM optimization and algalon prog!

Evening team looking for a shadow priest, last spot on the roster. 7/10HM!