[A] Benediction <Daybreak> Daytime Raiding - Cleared All Pre-nerf TBC & Vanilla Content

Is this EST or PST? Lock interested in th/Friday team

Hey there! This is for EST. If the times may work for you, stop by our discord and drop us a note!

Discord → discord.gg/j5e96Gb

Sadly they do not. My work is during that time. Bummer. The Wednesday/Thursday raid team time does although, fridays don’t work for me that early

Top TBC Daytime Guild.

Bumping with updated recruitment needs!

Any lock openings for your 11-2 open?

We actually just opened recruitment for a Mage or Lock for the weekday 11am team. If this fits your schedule stop by our disc and drop us a note!

Bump before sunwell

Bumping as well!

Need some big bodies for SWP

We do lots of daytime pugs/alt runs too

bumping for updated recruitment needs!

les goooooooo to SWP

recruiting for sunwell!

3 teams going into SWP. lets do it.

Bumping for daytime raiding!

Bump for twins down

Bumping for weekday or weekend raiding. Looking for RShamans!

Bumping for daytime raiding!

We are retiring this thread for Wrath. Updated WOTLK recruitment needs can be found in the thread below: