Recruit A Friend Returns Soon!


Does the friend get any rewards lol

(Lejk) #25

Best, most unique, looking gear all expansion, and this is how you get it?

Poor form.


I feel like a lot of people are going to be extremely angry if that backpack is a cloak option separate from the shirt. If it’s part of the shirt, maybe not so much, but I know a lot of players have been asking for a backpack transmog.

(Hamstar) #27

I think you get it as soon as 12 months is added. Plus you get 4 free months yourself. So 13*8 = 104 for 2 mounts, a pet, 2 titles, and a tmog. None of that seems all that fitting for a RaF. Should have been a theme of comradery instead of exploration.

(Hamstar) #28

Sure, if they RaF!

(Briselody) #29

All of these rewards would be perfect for Archaeology.

If Blizzard remembered that profession existed, anyways.

Oh well :man_shrugging:

(Arathirian) #30

How about adding that armour ingame earnable through archaeology instead.


shh don’t remind them, they will remove it like first aid

(Hamstar) #32

Seriously right? How does an explorer title fit RaF vs. Archology?


ur exploring all of azeroth with a noob to get ur rewards thts how, blizz has a vision tht ur a tour guide for some reason lol

(Hamstar) #34

Quick question. Do they still get ejected and plummet to their doom when going into a phased area? I ask for a friend (who I don’t like).

(Scald) #35

Hey Bornakk can you help the tech support forums on how to unblock IP or ISP.

(Haven) #36

Neat and all, but it would have been nice to have these obviously archaeology themed items earnable by archaeology. What plans do you have to introduce similar items for existing customers using that profession they are based around?


I want the rewards but don’t have any suitable candidates to do this.

I pay for my wife’s account, and I recruited her to play…

(Solistrae) #38

I don’t think they plummet to their deaths anymore.

I was flitting around with my brother and flew into one of Naj’s dark places and it dropped me but parachuted him.

(Albricksen) #39

Now you know how fans of flails as a weapon type feel. Players asked for flails for years, so Blizzard locked them behind the Mage Tower. People who didn’t play during Legion or otherwise did not complete the Mage Tower challenges probably missed out on flails forever.

Also, you can probably bet your sweet tooth that the announced rewards for the new RAF system are time-limited rewards that will be retired forever in 12-24 months and replaced with a whole new set of rewards, because I think FOMO “Battle Pass” style sales tactics are becoming the new loot boxes.

We’re seeing what appear to be new FOMO tactics all over BfA, which started with the initial decision to make Vicious War Mounts time-limited rewards and the old Vicious War Mounts unobtainable (they later backed down on this and added a way to get Vicious Saddles again and promised that new Vicious War Mounts will be made available at expansion’s end, but this totally wasn’t their original plan), and then right now it seems like they are trying to make all PvP transmog rewards time-limited in acquisition (no signs of the devs having any intentions of ever adding BfA non-Elite PvP ensembles like they did for previous expansions).

As I previously stated, I suspect that RAF rewards are going to be changed every 12-24 months, each time featuring a new set of rewards following a specific theme and the old rewards going away permanently.

I think the old RAF rewards are already intended to be gone for good, never to be obtainable ever again (hopefully won’t be the case, but still).

Don’t assume that the announced RAF rewards aren’t time-limited rewards just because they don’t currently say that they will be time-limited.

All that said, I do hope that this stuff isn’t time-limited and that old RAF rewards, as well as new RAF rewards, get added to the new system over time. I don’t want FOMO stuff infecting RAF.

(Riki) #40

Can, uh, we please look at the name of the monkey - for um… reasons?

Asking for a friend.

(Inviscerate) #41

that 50% exp boost… so massive, so enticing.

I miss when RAF was worth using.

(Hawkéns) #42

honestly i never wanted classic, i just wanted a backpack cosmetic…


That is an excellent idea.