Recruit A Friend Returns Soon!


Check out this post for the details on the soon to return Recruit a Friend system:


WTB Friends for RAF.

(Nozfuratu) #6

I wish you could earn gear that looked this good from actually playing the game.

(Orctang) #7

I do hope party sync is available for all players not just recruit a friend.


Looks like now’s the time to get my wife in on this.

(Hamstar) #9

I am a bit concerned that the loyalty rewards are for having your friend stay subbed instead of us stay subbed…

(Orctang) #10

How could you claim your rewards if you didn’t stay subbed? Also, you would leave your friend hanging…


I’m gonna need about tree fiddy…

(Aothil) #12

Players have been demanding a backpack cosmetic for the cloak slot for years

Blizz finally gives us one and gates it behind a 12 month subtime for Recruit-A-Friend.

A+ would flip the bird to playerbase again.

(Hamstar) #13

Most games have a loyalty program that rewards people for the length they stay subbed. This is an attempt to double dip requiring you AND someone else to stay subbed to be rewarded for game loyalty.

(Maeker) #14

Can’t wait to see how many people actually recruit new players… I’m thinking 2 for every 50,000 players

(Hamstar) #15

Hey Blizzard. Instead of the rigamarole of creating another account to do RaF, can you just put this crud in the cash shop?

(Vixie) #16

Two seater camel!! And a monkey. And other stuffs!

Maybe will, maybe not, but glad RAF came back.

(Orctang) #17

I guess but I don’t play any other games that have recruit a friend rewards so I am not familiar with all the different setups of them and I guess ultimately I don’t care. If I recruit a friend I will remain subbed anyway to receive the rewards.

(Hamstar) #18

Back in my day we bought $5 WoW chests on black Friday and used them to RaF ourselves. Now you young whippersnappers just need to pay the sub.

(Welshcorgi) #19

ah yes, thank you activision.


How exactly does a revamped RAF system work at this point?

You can’t even communicate with your playerbase (other than announcements and questions without follow-up).

You have a dedicated website, but chose to communicate more on idiotic social platforms.

Support, release dates, hotfixes have all suffered horribly this year. But hey, keep on raking that money right - even while you’re sinking.

Bring your friends to Azeroth! Enjoy borked releases, little to no real support, have fun getting sent to the forums by CS for things they used to fix.


will class balance return soon too


jeez, u guys got wow classic, cheer up

(Piddy) #23

Before, if you wanted the RAF mount, you only have to have game time for 3 months, the player didn’t actually have to, you know, log in.

So, for $45, you got a mount and some game time. And it happened all at once, because you just created a new character, made them “your friend”, ponied up the cash monies, and boom – mount.

Now I guess you can pre-pay for the year but you have to wait it out?

$135 kind of steep for these clothes.