Recent DDoS Attacks Impacting Game Service

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Today, Saturday, September 7, the World of Warcraft service has been negatively impacted by an ongoing distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. For several hours today, we’ve repeatedly seen WoW realms targeted and taken offline by the attacker(s).

It is our top priority to resolve any issues that prevent players from being able to smoothly play World of Warcraft. However, it is the nature of DDoS attacks that players may experience the game becoming unavailable. If you are disconnected or have issues logging in, please be patient and wait a few minutes before trying again.

We will continue to work to address the situation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Recent DDoS Attacks Impacting Game Service
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Thanks for all you do to keeping the realms up


It appears some people are angry at Classic servers lol. I hope it gets resolved quickly.


Thanks for the update. Hackers are scum of the earth. I hope they are caught and spend many years in jail being the block b*&ch.


You go blizz, I believe in you!


you have my support (not in the IT field) and many others that ARE in the IT field and know how much of a pain this is to deal with. Thank you for your efforts.


Thank you for working hard to combat the issue Blizz. It really makes me sad to see that people want to go, this far, out of their way to ruin other people’s day.


I appreciate all you guys do and the thorough communication on this matter.


Thanks for the heads up Blizz, understood.


Thanks for giving us an update on what’s going on, best of luck to you on resolving the issue!


Y’all should teach Optimum how to communicate :wink:


Can’t believe I’m saying this but, thank you blizzard for working hard on the weekend for us!


Thanks for the attentive reply. It’s a shame you can’t crowd source some sort of DDoS protection from the community, I’m sure there are thousand of quad-screen, mining-rig hackers that can smell blood in the water rn.


Yea, optimum online is trash… so is Spectrum. :frowning:


when they get jailed, please give me the info so I can file a lawsuit and get my money from the stress and anxiety and emotional trauma they caused from the downtime between me and my loved one that I use wow to communicate with!


Thanks for the update.


Thank You Blizzard for all you do in keeping the realms open for both Classic & BFA.


:clinking_glasses: :hearts: :blue_heart:


Thank you, Blizz.

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Yeah aint much that can be done for now :frowning: