Recent DDoS Attacks Impacting Game Service


Please swap IP’s with EU servers they can tank the DDOS for us.


Blizzard hard at work


Fix Pls Now


i’d laugh but i feel like you’re serious lol


the person doing it just posted on twitter 10 mins ago hes going back to your servers again to ddos you

(Cheekypuke) #29

This DDOSer is gonna have a REALLY easy time pooping once prison is done with him.


Fight the good fight, Blizz. Some chump will get his 15 minutes of fame, but can’t change how fun the game is to play.


coppyed from his twitter post since I cant post links

Starting back on the US Wow servers =)


What I want to know is… how will Blizzard compensate all their loyal players?


God Speed Blizzard, every second not being able to play Battle for Azeroth is hell! I wonder how many people badmouthing this xpac, are outraged that they can’t log in? :thinking:

(Zaltaan) #34

Right. Because being ddos’ed is their fault, and you deserve to be compensated.


I hope Blizzard would continue to pursue catching this guy. He definitely need some good lesson.


got in just to run to my corpse, than server died, got in to run to my corpse again, then server died… got in and started to run for a flight path and now my characters are all gone it says - character error :confused:


Blizzard will compensate you by allowing you to continue to pay for and play their game. Is that not a reward in itself?


Not saying we are entitled to any sort of compensation, but if they are feeling generous, a day or 2 of double or triple rep/conquest would be awesome!


Thank YOU for working hard on a weekend so we can play. Much appreciated!


Thank you Blizz.


Since there’s no defense against this kind of attack patience and understanding should be a given. It’s not like Blizzard asked for it to happen. Give the server guys some treats as a thank you from the players. It’s probably a massive headache for them.


Forget prison I say we go to these peoples house and break their hands. Drag them outside of their houses and set them on fire. Then we should refuse them medical treatment but that’s just me. :smiley:


I agree, they are probably working double duty to get servers back up.