Renewing subscription

(Leafblight) #1

So 2 things, one apparently i’m unluckier than most in that today is the day my 6 month subscription is up for renewal. Probably due to the DDOS, i cannot get it to take my subscription renewal which is preventing me from posting on any other forum. Second, my classic server of choice is Herod, and Kalimdor is still offline which means i can’t do anything in game either, though it still lets me log in with an “inactive” subscription.

Any word on when these two situations will be resolved?

(Kozzae) #2

They are likely related, yes. It is a top priority though, but no eta.

(Leafblight) #3

Yeah i saw that, but it was 4 hours ago and most servers are up. In fact Herod Eastern Kingdoms is up, just not Kalimdor. Which i find strange to say the least.


Just FYI, if you don’t have a toon on Herod already, you may want to choose another server. There are huge queues on that one.

(Leafblight) #5

Herod down again. I STILL cannot post anywhere but here. Does this forum have support on weekends?