DDoser Account Suspended


Went to check the twitter of the guy who was posting the threats to Blizzard server now it says https://twitter.com/account/suspended
“Account Suspended”
Real name of the account Suspeded was https://twitter.com/UKDrillas


what threats? is this why the servers crashed?


Yes, Orcwyvern The servers are being taken down by DDoS
DDoS is short for Distributed Denial of Service. DDoS is a type of DOS attack where multiple compromised systems, which are often infected with a Trojan, are used to target a single system causing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack.
Blizzard Posted this if you haven’t read it
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Today, Saturday, September 7, the World of Warcraft service has been negatively impacted by an ongoing distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. For several hours today, we’ve repeatedly seen WoW realms targeted and taken offline by the attacker(s).

It is our top priority to resolve any issues that prevent players from being able to smoothly play World of Warcraft. However, it is the nature of DDoS attacks that players may experience the game becoming unavailable. If you are disconnected or have issues logging in, please be patient and wait a few minutes before trying again.

We will continue to work to address the situation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding."


Yes, I (and most likely others) reported his account to Twitter. Many times people like this are just doing it for the publicity. Take away the platform and they get bored and frustrated and often move on.


He’ll be moving on into a cell I’m afraid.


I saw the page and the impression i got was that it was a GROUP doing this and not a single person. Regardless it shouldn’t be hard to at least find the person responsible for the twitter account.

He will wind up in prison if he is caught, they do not take such things lightly


That doesn’t help. If you keep moving on from every DDoSer people will keep doing it. More than the number that have in the past. Keep punishing them. Let them get enough publicity for people to say, “Hey, what’s this guy doing?”


From what I’ve heard, it’s his attempt at publicity that got him caught. That’s not to say he wouldn’t have been caught eventually, but rather why put in effort to ignore something that’s an obvious threat? It’s ignorance that makes these things harder to deal with.


give us players a refund for lost time, and sue him for that amount.


He didn’t get caught.

His Twitter account was never meant to be a secret obviously, it was meant to be the opposite.


You pay $15 a month for both world of Warcraft games. That equals $0.50 per day for both games, or $0.25 for 1 day of classic. Servers being down for 4 hours equates to roughly what, $0.04?


I will take it

(Vikkturr) #13

Multiply that $0.04 by 2 million currently trying to play including those in que. It adds up. (In this case $800,000)