Recent Actions Against Exploitative Accounts -- June 2023

Totally, vaccines cause autism and the earth is flat as well!


Keep on saying that. Doesn’t make it true but sure keep on labeling them as the criminals when they are doing everything that they can to remove all the compromised accounts. If by “bad actors” you mean the sexual misconduct and the bigotry I bet by now blizzard already cleaned up its act and terminated most of those people that were doing it.

Much of the classic community hates blizzard, never moved on from the game and only came back to be upset. Its why post like these are hilarious.

Would it even be helpful if an account under 90 days old can’t exchange more than say 500g a week. Let accounts active for more than a year vouch for new accounts to lift the restriction for actual friends. Like, how many new, first time accounts is wow classic actually getting?

I don’t care about their sexual misconducts, or personal affairs. I care about the game.

While I cannot speak for everyone, I can say that many of us have spent time on private servers and have long-since become fed up with the sort “normalization” of bad behavior that is so pervasive on those private communities. There was an expectation that in exchange for our subscriptions fees, Blizzard would provide us with a high quality of service and an impartial application of the rules stipulated in the EULA.

In other words, Blizzard was supposed to be better than the private server administrators selling gold to people. Unfortunately instead we got boost and more micro transactions then any private server andon top of that no support, lacking timeline, batching, fix transfers, paying for character copy, layers, honor not working and other bugs and complete ignorance towards bots and cheats.


so much whining

Also imagine saying PS were better lol

While I personally wouldnt mind a kernal anti cheat the community would drop a brick. Just like they did against riot.

I have 650days /played on Blizz new classic and recently went back to PServers and I am genuinely having a lot better time and couldnt care less about my Blizz account.

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Please for the love of god, touch grass.

You have to have an active account to post here. GG on paying for something you’re not using I guess.

You think managing a live and active mmo game is easy as it sounds well it’s not that easy. Since World of Warcraft in this case classic is a public game there are a lot of people playing it and it’s not on a private server where there are limited amount of people so of course it’s easier to manage but since this is not a private server it’s a official licensed product so it’s harder to manage.

It is not difficult, 4guys in basement in Russia can do better job then Blizzards money empire. I would do better job solo in one day then the whole Blizzard team in a year.

sorry replied to wrong post.

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They themselves have claimed that botting accounts can and do use hacked credit card info so it’s not a 1:1 ratio of lost money.

It probably depends on where they come from. I imagine some bots pay through legitimate means and suffer from account closures as a cost of business, but then others are far more malicious and they deal with all the CC disputes and/or clawback money after someone realizes their CC info has been siphoned for the last year.

Personally I don’t really care how many accounts they claim they ban, I doubt the number is fabricated, but it’s far too late (both the game and for me) if it’s making any impact dent and also not enough if it’s always been this way.

There’s also a slew of questions about where these banned accounts come from. It’s vague enough to sound very impactful, but who actually where they come from.

300,000 accounts in 2 months?

My name.


Not to worry, the GDKP kiddos will keep the bots in business.

The accounts are banned, but are you banning their IP and MAC addresses?

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Cool but where’s the infernal reset that was talked about during the community chat?

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honestly i just expect them to lie by default at this point, the corruption at that company runs too deep. i do hope these are classic wow bot bans, but I wish we had more clarity


Player base asks if Blizz are banning bots. They reply with numbers. Players then complain about them boasting. Blizz cant win either way.

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What do you want? A pat on the back? A “good work” for doing what you are supposed to? The bots won when you gave up and brought the WoW token to classic, and now you just take a cut of the pie.