Recent Actions Against Exploitative Accounts -- June 2023

Here is how it works:

Blizz bans those accounts.
Gold sellers make a new account with level boost.
Gold sellers still make a ton of profit.
Blizzard makes a ton of profit from sales of new accounts and level boost.

In the end, this is nothing more of a ploy to fill their own pockets. There is no extensive actions take beyond a simple account ban. How can you not figure that out? It’s actually a brilliant business move on their part.


player base asked for concrete proof they’re doing something.

“we banned x amount of wow accounts last month” means nothing when the in-game amount of bots do not change. could be blatantly lies for all we know. given this companies track record the last few years i’d imagine most players don’t trust them to do right anymore

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Blizzard could ban over a million bots and nothing would change, because as it is currently a banned botter can have new accounts up and running exactly where they left off in a matter of hours. Until something is done about the act of botting itself, all Blizzard is doing is mowing weeds


These sorts of posts don’t really provide the value that you think they do, I will show you why…
Blizzard have been super busy this month

"To provide more transparency on the actions that get taken against exploitative accounts, here is a breakdown on the number of actions that were taken over the last month, June 2023:

Total Exploitative WoW Account Actions Last Month: 12701445647

All of these actions are for cheating or exploitation which are primarily permanent bans or 6-month suspensions. This number does not include separate actions like character name or in-game language violations. We continue to evolve our methods and act against these malicious accounts on a daily basis.

Thank you!

-The WoW Classic Team"


What about players who have Cold Flying at level 70, 71 and 75? Yet the Flight Giver at Dalaran says you have to be 77.

Non GDKPers have been keeping bots in business for 19 years.

Tome of Cold Weather Flying, costs 1000 gold at the flight trainer for any level 80 character, it’s usable at level 68 and is bind on account


just did a bg with a dk bot in literally full honor gear with 2 battlemaster trinkets. the bot just constantly mounted/dismounted and ran into a wall in strand for 10 minutes

no shot you guys are banning people. you guys wait for reports, if someone isn’t reported you just don’t bother finding them

this game has 0 anti cheat


if they banned the bots before the left the starting zone then they would stop trying.

lmao who cares? where is the auto ban for the identical 2000 gs bot chars in BGs?

In a perfect world you’d be right. The problem is, botting today has become so sophisticated that there’s no reasonable way to tell the difference between a real player and a bot from looking at gameplay alone, not in a way that they could set up an accurate system of detection and action that wouldn’t also catch legitimate players in the crossfire. And even if they could, nothing stops the bot programmers from developing their systems to simulate human actions, such as slightly delayed abilities, or slightly skewed pathing when moving straight toward an objective

The harsh truth is that the most effective way to combat botting is to alter the API itself, which would catch many, MANY popular addons in the crossfire

clearly you don’t play bgs. there are identical ret paladins running into a tree stump with guild names that are random dictionary words

how about like if your char is moving into a wall for X seconds during a bg, multiple times in 24 hrs, you have to captcha to log back in. Boom I just fixed bg botting with my idea. Blizz literally doesn’t care

Just a little side note - those are logs based numbers.
If I raid TOGC on 2 characters - I, alone, will count as 2 players on Ironforge. IDK if it makes a difference on whether or not my characters are actually linked/claimed. But either way, its per logs. So bots population would never show up in these numbers.

Amen to that.

I’d bet my left nut there are TONS of people who’ve cashed out 100s of USD on gold. Perma ban them all.

This is why I, personally, think GKDPs should become forbidden/bannable. Of course there are others (non gkdp players) who buy gold, but there really isn’t anything you need gold for in such quantity. Tundra mount? Kirin Tor ring? That’s pretty much the only 2 big gold sinks I can think of.

I wouldn’t be surprised of the origins of GDKPs, like 20 years ago, has all been started by actual gold sellers.

I’m not talking about bgs. Not every bot program is sophisticated but some are, meaning the tech is there

Just take a look on youtube and you’ll see there are plenty of botting programs way more sophisticated than what you’re running into

disable click to move and call it a day

click to move has been how bots have played since the days of honorbuddy, and hooking into that and monitoring it should be easy

No, the most effective way would be to lock down the client side. There still isn’t a kernel a/c.

They could also add a captcha challenge api and mandatory integrate it for things like AH and extended periods of repetitive actions but I’m not sure how they haven’t yet.

Anyhow some of the comments in this thread are wild. Like salty botter wild.

Because they’re meaningless numbers.

They’re overall accounts posted in the classic forum with the classic team signature.

It means absolutely nothing to the target audience who still sees bots run rampant in their bgs and harvesting mats in their zones.

Just a random side note, the captcha that the WoW client has is utterly terrible and it royally sucks to get hit with it.

The intention of the post was to show you that Blizzard are still banning bots and have not given up which most of the player base thinks they have given up.

With gaslighting.

The post is gaslighting. Pure and simple.