Recent Actions Against Exploitative Accounts -- June 2023

This tells us basically nothing. It doesn’t even specify that these accounts were banned because of activity in WoW Classic. Bots are still rampant.


Good to see that Dragonflight/Retail has safeguards to detect cheating behavior. However, were any of these 127,014 account actions for infractions on the various WoW Classic servers?

It’s silly for “The WoW Classic Team” to post a monthly Account Actions figure that equates to a third of the worldwide raiding population of Classic without going into any detail. This does not provide more transparency, nor does it even provide a breakdown.

Is this a coded post? Is this Kaivax’s way of letting us know that Classic servers are being completely ignored by bot detection? I would love to get Account Action numbers that only consider the game that I play. We have not gotten numbers like that in the four years that Classic has been out. Until then, I’m going to assume what I see in game is true, and that no action is being taken whatsoever on any Classic servers.


The same copy paste message with no real substance, reads exactly like the automated Blizzard Support when you get a reply to an in game ticket after two weeks.

The same bots queing bg’s, in instances farming raw gold, and running routes in the open world are still online. Log on and look for yourself.

We can not believe anything said by Blizzard since the introduction of the WoW Token to Classic World of Warcraft, when it was promised it would never be introduced to US servers.

We can not believe anything said by Blizzard since introducing character boosts to Classic World of Warcarft.

We can not believe anything said by Blizzard since introduction of: changes, creating new systems with anything they want to our Classic version of the game.

We can not believe anything said by Blizzard since their purposeful mismangement and destruction of servers with Layering and Transfers; creating unbalanced one sided mega servers to only produce revenue through faction changes and server transfers.

We can not believe anything said by Blizzard since their refusal the ban and monitor the Arena PvP scene since TBC Classic against bots that play the game for that player.

We can not believe anything said by Blizzard since they are so inept to have not create character clones of all characters at the end of TBC Classic and have TBC Era servers available for those who wish to play that version of the game.

Your subscription for World of Warcraft® Subscription - 1 Month has been canceled. You’ll no longer be charged, though you can still play until your current subscription expires on September 04 2023 4:20 AM(PST). Manage your account at any time on renewing your subscription!

Blizzard Entertainment


How about you perma ban gold buyers, oh thats right you just decided to be the dealer instead.

I am pretty sure your made up posts are not fixing anything.

Classic is over ever since layers/batching/boost/token.

Private servers do better job free of charge, amazing.


How about a region breakdown and also by game type, Retail, Classic Era and Classic Wrath.

Who am I kidding, that won’t happen.

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Them putting a random number into a forum isn’t showing anything lol. I can literally say “My bank account has $43,754,785” that doesn’t make it true.


I meant they started sharing these right after the token announcement, this is the 2nd post they did one right after

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Unless you added a fake digit that number makes no sense.

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Okay, what about Classic Era?

Lol right, more like we have created 127 000 accounts and then ban them to prove to you we are actually doing something. We have as well banned 14actual players for 2days, Jim from botscripted support banned those manually.

If this really is specifically the Wrath Classic number that’s ~2K bots per server (61 servers worldwide)
The largest server population I see on ironforge is 20K. My server is under 8K. 2K would be 10-25% of each server population, that’s a $%&@ ton of bots.

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Same old dishonest classic team signature posting it on the classic forums about overall accounts, gotcha.

Meaningless dribble.


The same team that balances ferals around Taylor from receiving.

Lol none of these clown devs even play the game at a decent level.

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Would be curious to know if anyone got actually suspended for ToC lockout exploit or was that an empty threat.

This post may look familiar, but if they are just going to copy and paste a post that gives literally zero relevant information and just change a number I figured my response should match.

If you guys are really banning this large number of accounts maybe it’s time to step back and look at why people buy gold and make it easier to achieve those things without gold. It really looks like a game design flaw with a number that high, but I guess that would cost Blizzard $1,905,210 (127014x$15) dollars in account subscriptions from those accounts.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Identify the buyers
  2. Identify what they are spending gold on
  3. Make it easier to obtain these items
  4. Less people buy gold

If only there was a way to make it harder to trade gold for raid loot…

Step by Step Guide

  1. Identify the buyer
  2. Permaban the buyer
  3. Less people buy gold

Blizzard step by step

  1. Idenitify the buyer
  2. Maybe give him a 7day or less ban, don’t take any of the gold away
  3. Act suprised that people are not afraid to buy gold.

Step 4. Sell the gold yourself


So when are actual gold sellers and gold buyers getting banned. It’s been over 6-8 months I still see the same dude camping the auction house 20 hours a day. He doesn’t raid he doesn’t do gdkps he doesn’t do dailies he doesn’t even pvp. What does he need the gold for? It’s to sell to gold buyers it’s not rocket science to figure this out and their limited English doesn’t help either.

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Rather you people believe these numbers or not they are taking action against those bad actors. You people can lambast blizzard all you like but they are being transparent and striking down all the compromised accounts that are currently active.


Blizzard is the bad actor.