Recent Actions Against Exploitative Accounts -- July 2023


The exact same post is on the EU forums.

Thanks Lvl 12 random. Didn’t realise it was so obvious that it covers ALL aspects of WoW or Just wrath classic lol

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There’s no way to separate a classic account from any other account cause it’s all the same.

of course there is if they know the reasoning behind the ban. If that’s the case they would have posted in retail forums too unless you have the answer to that too?


Strange it didn’t seem to affect any of the bots I’ve seen

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These were all Diablo 4 accounts. :rofl:

Lol and I still see bot spamming boost/gold in the lfg chat for dungeon :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

And you all wonder why Blizzard does not communicate with the community.

:no_bell: :mute:

They don’t play their own game. They wouldn’t know.


Relatively certain players would prefer no communication over obvious gaslighting.

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