Reading the .json

this is merely an example and comparison between a regular forum posters (At the moment) and an mvp’s (Also at the moment).

add.json to your activity web page. ie
u are at 2.

for future info, you always look at the largest number “Id”. for example you looked at an mvp’s it will be different as his/her id has transitioned.


his “Id” goes to 13 and that is his latest and truest trust level “Id”

this person is at 3


I’ve made a bit of a guide on this a few days ago if you want a link to use to reply with if someone asks.

Yeah that.

Though, I am occasionally seeing if I can improve it some.

there are quite a few differences between mvp and regular poster .json. such notification level and i believe it hints access at a different forum or something.

It actually isn’t. At least not in the trust level portion of the json.

There’s 4 levels and the only ones who can be level 4 are the Blizzard employees.

oh im not talking about trust level, its plainly shown he doesn’t have moderation or administration privledges.

I’m pulling it up for a side by side comparison to see what alls is different.

I did, pulled up my alt to do it with.

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Of course, I / We would never confirm nor deny such a claim.

you talking about the forum access? i knew about that for years. obviously mvps have access to certain stuff. im not sure if its independant of current forums or not though.

The only difference between the json for MVPs and regular plalyers is the title of MVP and being within a primary group of some sort for MVPs. Otherwise, the information is more or less identical outside of the obvious level 3 trust that we haven’t reached yet.

Shoot. I had always thought my .json was bigger.



It’s bigger when you’re looking at the character you’re logged into.

As for the primary group thing, it just repeats the general avatar information an extra time.

There’s really no interesting information to be taken from.

Happens to the best of us.

What if my “id” is :14, does that means I’m at level 4 trust? :thinking:

That level isn’t accessible to us.

I’m not really sure what the id is for. Maybe one of the techie types can chime in on that. I will confirm we have access to another forum, however that forum is accessible to anyone with trust level 3, so it will have more denizens in the not too distant future.

The forum is called The Lounge. It awaits. (It’s pretty bare–apparently we like posting in General more than in a mostly empty forum.)

Yeah I just checked again and I’m just a lowly level 1 trust :cry:

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I believe level 2 requires 15 days? of foruming. So we’re just not there yet for anyone except through artificial means.

Could you imagine the CMs grinding trust to get to level 4?


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who is this Jason and why are we reading him?

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