RDF Supporters Care To Explain Away A Significant Disadvantage of RDF Please?

Off all the bad anti-rdf arguments this might be the least convincing

In Wrath of the Lich King, quest rewards start becoming more streamlined. Not only do you start getting them a little more often, but they also start making actual sense. No more plate gear with agility and spirit, no more cloth with strength and stamina

As for old quests that do still offer few and nonsensical gear rewards, most of the tough quests aren’t so tough anymore so even in garbage quest gear you’ll still be fine solo, and any quest that does still need a group will still need a group even if one of the group members is decked out in dungeon gear

You can get better loot in dungeons in WotLK? Are you sure? That seems a pretty big departure from vanilla and TBC.

He is a known troll that’s why.

Why is Stamina a bad thing on Cloth? And what cloth pieces have strength on them now?

It’s not. It’s a bad thing when it’s the only stat on cloth

I’ll take “What is a random example that is just meant to put a lens on the issue and not actually reference a specific thing” for 500, Alex

Then it’s Lemonfont.

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Surely you seem like the type who will love doing the same dungeon over 1000x then

I want to play Classic how it was, that is the whole point!

I think most would be fine with it being added in the relevant phase that actual Wrath saw it introduced.

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lots, go run the 1-60 zones, green cloth can have these modifiers on them

Of the Bear, Of the tiger, Of the Gorilla, and Of the Boar, they can also have Of the Monkey, Of the Falcon, of the Wolf. Also can have Of Strength and Of Agility

None of these are good for a caster, only Gorillia and Falcon have Int, only Boar and Wolf have spirit, but also have either stength or agility to go with it

You say as you play Classic, again. And with how many alts?

The argument is pointless people think that RDF will ruin the world but it wont. People will still be going to to quest and grind. Also even if they dont bring out RDF there will be groups of people who run dungs over and over to lvl just like they did in classic vanilla and TBC. Whats sad is the people who play on off peek hours gets screwed without the RDF.


RDF was in the last patch of wrath, the only time I can recall using it during lvling was if I had a dungeon quest I’d Q specifically while I continued questing. Having RDF or not will not prevent dungeon spamming to lvl lol, the people that level that way are going to do so regardless.

I do because when I get queued with other people at least I am playing in a group and not solo questing until my brain rots. It is quick, easy, and I get to do a different dungeon almost every couple levels. :slight_smile:

I have never played classic at all. But after leveling 3 characters to 70 in TBC solo questing gets quite boring and since there are little to no groups happening to run out of the way dungeons I don’t even get to run them. Just zombie questing all the way to 60, thankfully TBC dungeons are convenient to get to and run

Could this have been posted on the 2.8million other RDF whining threads?

But you will do the same dungeons 100x over again…

Yep! Dungeons have other players in a group with me and cool bosses that drop better loot than questing gear. Questing has quests like collecting 10 plants and then turning in :neutral_face:

Hey thats fine more power to you. I just find it silly how your reason for not liking quests is having done them 100 times before but its totally fine to run dungeons until the end of time.

Well, I gave you my exact reasoning. Running dungeons is infinitely more fun than questing.

  1. I get to play in a group
  2. I get to kill bosses
  3. I sometimes get loot
  4. It is faster than questing
    Why wouldn’t I want to dungeon spam?