RDF Supporters Care To Explain Away A Significant Disadvantage of RDF Please?

I am supportive of having a RDF. However there is one disadvantage of having RDF that I have never seen any supporter of RDF cover. And I believe this is the main underlying issue why Blizzard refuses to implement RDF. Even as a supporter of RDF, I cannot convince myself of anyway to argue against this particular disadvantage of having a RDF. I hope one of you can come up with a logical argument why this disadvantage is not significant.

  • The gear from Dungeons is much better than world quest done at similar levels. It is not just better, it is around 6-8 levels better. It makes quest completion feel worthless. What will happen is, everyone will just grind dungeons and in level gaps between dungeons, they will just grind mobs. This makes it extremely hard for every single gamer doing worldquests to find groups for normal and elite quests (Hinterlands Elite quests remember?). It also becomes impossible for certain “feel good” scenarios to occur, eg Player A is fighting a mob and about to die to the mob, then suddenly he gets a heal from B just before dying and the two of them proceed to teamup and finish mob.

In addition, certain quests where there is a need to travel a tunnel full of mobs, it will be extremely boring to do these quests, because with RDF, you will rarely find other players running around doing worldquests, and the result is that you are the only person running this quest and have to kill all these mobs yourself without help before reaching end of the tunnel/mine where quest objective lies (i.e. Felwood Tunnel quest remember?)

The normal world and its quests become irrelevant if RDF is implemented. The present effort required to form groups and to travel to dungeons are essential in a sense that they force players to balance costs-and-benefits when thinking whether to dungeon or worldquest. If you want better loot, you have to spend time and effort to form a group and to travel to said dungeon. If you are unable to commit the time and effort (the cost part of the equation), then you have to give up on getting the significantly better loot from dungeons (the benefits part), World questing is your next best option. And every MMORPG requires a significant chunk of people to choose the latter, otherwise the world in the game will be not crowded enough and slowly will become totally empty as people leave the game because they are unable to find other random players while questing.

If dungeon were NOT to be the direct and CLEAR better substitute to world quest, then having RDF is fine. If people were running dungeons purely because they prefer that experience to worldquesting, then thats fine. In this case, dungeon loot levels should be reduced to within 1-2 levels of worldquest loot and the existence of RDF would not result in 99% of player base grinding dungeons and ignoring worldquest.

It likely takes too much effort by Blizzard to reduce item levels from Dungeons given that WoW does not make as much profit compared to other games that they have (remember the new phone game they have which have seen people spending thousands on it?). This is why Blizzard is unable to explicitly rationalize this issue like I have in this post because they do not want to explain to the WoW Gamers why they are not willing to spend effort to change the loot structure.

In summary, options become irrelevant if one single option stands out significantly from other options. This only results in lack of choice for consumer (as it means they have to just pick one option over the others due to its clear superiority) and lack of choice for consumers in a game, will eventually kill the game because they would lose interest in the game since there is but one clear path (spam dungeons and ignore worldquesting).

Before flaming me, remember I am supporter of RDF. Its just that I think many other supporters of RDF may have forgotten how bad an influence RDF had on worldquesting and most posters are just focusing on the benefits of RDF (which I agree there are many, especially convenience) and not touching on the detrimental impact of RDF on worldquesting.

  1. You don’t need groups for regular quests. If you want one, there are PLENTY of other people who don’t dungeon their way through the levels. Skipping the elite quests (or, you know, waiting) if there is not someone else doing it won’t hurt you in any measurable way.

  2. The level spread for even a set of dungeons (say…Deadlines through RFK) simply does not reward an entire set of gear for a given player, and that’s a gap of 10+ levels.

  3. The gear you get from quests AND dungeons while leveling sucks, okay? It sucks. It doesn’t matter. You are going to replace it tomorrow.

  4. The reason nobody has been able to give you an answer to this is because your argument isn’t one worth making. It’s as irrelevant as the gear you’re whinging about.


No one is reading all this. Leveling is old news and personally, I don’t like doing the same quests 100x over again! Blizzard add RDF.

  1. Not needing groups is irrelevant. What I am saying is having more people results in positive experience. It is not a question of need.
  2. Firstly There will be worldquests rewards covering the same slots. Secondly, if you are close to reaching level for the next dungeon, that would mean a new group of slot items will becoming obsolete soon. Example, if a person is level 30, any dungeon boss drop or dungeon quest rewards within levels 25 to 32 are relevant to the discussion. This could be 2 or 3 dungeons worth of loots. This is SIGNIFICANT
  3. I agree with you but your point is irrelevant. They may both suck but the point is that one still sucks much more
  4. irrelevant point that targets the person and not the topic

We have history. This didn’t happen. Questing is still the best xp.


Except we now have quite a few youtube videos showing why it is now possible to spam dungeons and have as high or even higher exp than questing.

Coupled with better loot, dungeon grinding can now be viewed as a clear superior substitute to worldquesting if RDF was enabled, thus obseleting worldquesting

I guess the question is, why do you care? If someone camps out in dungeons for 80 levels and has the very best gear at every level, why does that matter? If someone wants to rush through the leveling experience, why do you care? None of this is a problem.

EDIT: I’ll be frank, I didn’t ready your whole wall of text, just didn’t have it in me, if you reply could you be more succinct?


i agree with your points, however those issues you raised are not what RDF naysayers care about.

What they care about is not what you mentioned. What they care about is less people in the world leveling.

I am RDF supporter. It is not my care, but the RDF naysayers care.

hope this is short and clear enough for you

Really, if you grabbed your max level toon and took a tour of the low lever areas prior to pre-patch and JJ, you would see a barren and lifeless land. No one is going through there because they’ve all done it. Once RDF goes in, alt leveling becomes a blast and people start leveling up again. There’s no “full set of tier gear” for every class through dungeons. You have to quest, That’s literally the best, you quest up and end up with a bunch of dungeon quests for the zone and you run it a couple times. Super fun.


Most people while leveling do a dungeon just to get quests done because thats where the XP is. Once their quests are done unless there is some really OP piece of gear they want to farm, they go back to questing. There are exceptions but this is what I’ve seen and experienced.

I have an interview in 13minutes time so I can no longer monitor this thread and reply. I wish Blizzard reads this thread and see how all of you explain why RDF will not detrementally affect worldquesting and implement RDF.

Thank you all for your time in reading and replying to my post. I pray for RDF to be enabled just like you.

Way too damn long. Can you just give me one sentence?

Well, the gear from dungeons are something which you have to work with other people to kill, a long with doesn’t have a 100% drop chance to dropping, compared to most quest are soloable, and have a 100% chance at rewarding.

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Simple fix…better open world gear.

which then gets some undies in a bunch. See BFA. OMG BFA gave out good gear open world! which it did. WQ’s gave decent gear to make reasonable, not asking for the moon, casuals content.

SL fixed that. To the point by the time you did your dungeon spam and time released content first weeks to get the renown to unlock open world gear… you didn’t need it.

and even at 9.2.7 it’s still crap. you can lose a few epic pvp matches and get better off honor buy/upgrade

open world good gear people hate for some reason.

Dungeon gear is almost always better from the start of the game. RFC gear beats out most level 12-15 quest gear. I’m failing to understand how this is an exclusive brought in by RDF.


Hint: It’s not.

They’re saying “mah open world questing” when people already grind dungeons to 70 as it is.

And t 60 back in Classic.

I have MANY level 70 characters, and I only quested to 60 on one of them.


Plus with zones requiring you to quest to actually see all of the content + locking dailies behind certain quest chains, people are still going to be doing the quests.

They are even throwing badges to players to do the Sons of Hodir questline, as if the enchant + mammoths weren’t enough incentive.

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Yep, and THAT is the answer to OP’s problem, not anti-RDF.


People queue LFD and quest while they wait for their dungeon pop. You literally do both at the same time. What a silly argument.

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it is a bad link. since not many in leveling gear up here. that is placing unrealistic faith in the rng gods on loot lol. I dungeon for XP. I know I will get that every time.

my last retail alts if I relied on dungeon rng…I’d be screwed.

I am more than familiar with WoD and legion from many many leveling’s. I cherry pick quest strings for my non loom slots. I know where bracers are. I seek them out.

And it’s this gear I usually run to 50 ding. my luck with dungeon loot is horrid really.