RDF Supporters Care To Explain Away A Significant Disadvantage of RDF Please?

Low level quests have been nerfed enough to worry about group quests much.

[Edit] For example, Mor’Ladim is now the only quest-related elite in Duskwood, Jintha’Alor mobs are no longer elites, etc. And I believe this nerf has far bigger impact than RDF on developing players’ attitude against being social to others.

I don’t believe you. You don’t support the implementation of RDF. You and that other anti-RDF guy are using alts to make absurd posts. The other guy is worst than you are though because he’s liking his own posts with his alts.

I read some of that novel and still not sure what the OP is saying. Apparently wants dungeon loot nerfed so no one wants to do dungeons?

I can tell you that after RDF was added that there were a TON of players out questing in the world. I was very active in those days. RDF seemed to reinvigorate players to level since it was such a great compliment to questing. It made the whole leveling process much more fluid and natural.

Also, what I do notice is this thread is made by a character with their first post and my spidey senses go off.

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Well the main argument against RDF.

Is that the player starts to stay “AFK” in stormwind/Orgrimmar and only presses the “Group-Finder” button, totally killing the exploration in the open world and interaction with other people.

It is exactly what happens with wow-retail and FFXIV.

The way in which people socialize in 2022 in an MMRPG has changed, now 99% is handled via discord and 1% in game. Also sadly 2022 players love to min/max everything, they are very competitive and not at all interested in “Being-Social” or doing open-world quests.

The most viable solution I have said before is

1.- Create 10 Servers without LFG/RDF & Unified broker to help the small servers.

2.- Create10 servers in a data center with LFG/RDF/unified broker. So one freely chooses which one to play.

That didn’t happen in Wrath. I was freaking there. The amount of people leveling characters rose dramatically when RDF was added. It really did make the leveling experience so much more satisfying. It was a great compliment to questing.

As far as Classic Wrath, the alternative is people just won’t level. This clueless Blizz philosophy of ‘We’ve nerfed boosting, and removed RDF so now players HAVE to quest!!’ just shows they have no understanding of human nature or their players.

What actually happens is players just say, “Well, I’m not leveling an alt.” And either quit or just buy another boost. And maybe that’s the point.

Agreed. Also even disregarding that fact, questing is still the most efficient way to level.

It’s just like the blue man said

RDF worked like that too back in the day when Wrath was new and exciting.
Players were out questing and helping one another. Even while waiting in the dungeon queue. Questing is not going to be significantly worse than dungeon running for leveling experience.


If you spam dungeons you are most likely getting whatever gear you can use from any dungeon, unless it’s some very rare item. Spamming dungeons is viable because you get better gear off dungeons than from questing, the only that will keep some people from spamming dungeons is the effort that is required to make a group. It’s why you see dungeon spam groups at launches and then they become much rarer when everyone is max level.

Ok lets cover this shall we.

  1. Gear in dungeons is comparable to what you get from quests, lets look at level ranges and dungeons shall we. Lvl 20 gear from dungeons is between level 15-20 equipped, Blue from bosses, ilvl between 20 and 25, most of the loot you’ll get however will be greens, and greens will be on average 5 levels below the target level, thats why deadmines drops so many level 12-13 greens. Your quests however will reward you greens and a few blues that are actually the level the quest is designed for, meaning Deadmines gives you a lvl 12 green cloak but your level 20, but the quests give you a level 20 cloak, this isn’t new information, this is pretty consistent. Now lets look at the other end with TBC currently, quests reward similar gear to dungeon gear, minus gem slots, but no one is buying gems for them, they are itemized for blue gems, meaning the stats removed for the gem sockets are equivalent to blue quality gems, something no one is buying for their gear out of hellfirej, but some quests also give it.

  2. Group quests in the world, or questing in general will remain very popular with RDF, it always was, because your doing something while waiting on that que to pop, and no one just grinds mobs, whoever told you that is trolling you, its common knowlege that grinding mobs unless your a mage or a prot pally is the slowest way to level.

  3. The gear is replaced really fast ontop of all of this, between quests, random greens, and dungeons you replace gear fast, and if your really missing a slot, odds are check the AH, someone with a profession is likely selling at a loss as they level up.

Well, actually no. Because Heroic Dungeons have a daily lock out, and none of the gear in dungeons are also 100% drop chance. I believe it is around a 10% drop chance for any piece of gear from any dungeon, regardless of difficulty, I could be wrong.

Plus, I’ll use my Warlock for example, lets say I had a Mage and a Priest in my dungeon, that is 3 clothe wearers, and that is also means competition, because I don’t know whether the other 2 may need something if it could be something I need?

Isn’t everyone going into the expansion with Sunwell or Brutal gear? The gear while leveling is already invalidated. Plus running dungeons is better for learning your class than doing world quests.

Brut gear is replaced by quests at 76-77 aka end of Zul Drak and into Stormpeaks, so is some SWP gear. though some of the SWP gear is competitive with preraid bis

I don’t believe this has ever been brought up as a point against RDF, but that’s fine. I’ll try to answer this as best as I can. Clears throat

Because by patch 3.3 (or in this case, 3.4) the world quests in Azeroth were nerfed to the point that most classes could solo them, pretty consistently, as long as you were on level or a couple of levels above. There are probably exceptions to this, I haven’t leveled Rogue, for example. This type of gameplay just does not exist in 3.3.5, with or without the RDF. There aren’t as many people questing through Azeroth to begin with, and the people who are either a) have heirlooms, so don’t need help, b) aren’t on their first character, so can probably afford decent leveling greens, or c) just doesn’t /need/ the help anyways.

I don’t believe this is a real argument against RDF, as this isn’t a problem caused by RDF. I am currently leveling a mage, wearing entirely BoE greens (and one or two cheap BoE blues I found on the AH) and have only once actually needed to group for any of the “really hard” elite quests. I don’t play Mage. I never did, never have, literally the first time I have played a Mage… and haven’t really needed to group much at all. Even for the Hinterlands Elite quests, frost mage gets to kind of walk through it if you plan your pulls even mildly intelligently.

There ARE valid reasons to not want RDF, this isn’t it.

this is also the wrong way to do it.

those doing it…made their leveling longer.

also unless full loomed full upgrade they won’t have the ilevel to enter necrotic wake at level 51.

a dungeon level, no looms, not BFA is topping out at ilevel 50. find someone to carry you in mythic for a day or 2 at 50? feel the power of ilevel…60.

BFA is 70 or 80. BFA scales different for some reason.

Neither full dungeon blue no SL questing is getting into NW till like level 53 really. So, these people are in fact lying. Edit: or they saved up loads of ilevel 110+ boes to give to alts lol.

they are in ToF level mode running WQ’s and open world quest that gives the gear to then enter necrotic wake at 51.

one would be dumb not to after it unlocks on first story complete. it really was a nice way to level with supplemental dungeon runs once fixed in 9.1.

You can’t do heroics while leveling.

No, you can’t. You’re right about that.

But even in Normal Dungeons, the chance of something to drop for you is around 10%.

Ok…the odds go up when you spam the dungeon though.

Well, no actually, it doesn’t. Because in Normals, depending on the level also depends on the dungeon and the amount of experience it gives. Low level dungeons are more than likely to push you a level where high level dungeons are likely to get you some of the way. And if the queue was added where you could randomly join for a dungeon, you have a higher chance at rolling different dungeons instead of the same dungeon over and over.

Another big problem is that the reason why dungeons cover such large level gaps is because there arent dungeons designed for every level, theyre instead designed for a range of levels. If you nerf the gear to only be relevant for 1-2 levels you ruin any reason to be in the dungeon in the first place (except for healers, so rip healers).

I didnt read that entire wall of text. But a quick response to your nobdy to help quest. The answer is bullsht. Plenty are questing. It also brings up the opposite question. Who decided questing in the world is more important than running dungeons?

I dont kmow why you say you havent seen this disccusion already. Its talked about all the time. So it comes down to this. If you want to quest and see more ppl im the world so it doesnt feel empty, which btw is the real reason ppl whine, not because cant kill elites. But regardless. If that is what you want, why should we be limited to run dungeons because of how you want to play. What makes your fun more important than ours? Thats your answer.

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