Rated Solo Shuffle Update

Hell no, tanks can take a healer spot or not participate imo.

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It’s just so much worse as a whole for them to take a healer spot. Shuffle games are pretty fast paced anyway so there isn’t much worry of huge dampeners and they will almost entirely get phased out past 1800. It’s the only way honestly.

Worse as a whole how? Whatever rating theyre at, theyre at. If they’re at 2k as a tank they have 50/50 chance at 2k of winning. Crimson soloist is also based on spec so they could still achieve this even at low rating, if all the tanks are lower rated. I believe tanks shouldnt be in arena mode at all so if theyre overall weaker but at their certain rating, it all shakes out fine.

There’s a plethora of reasons. If you read the arena forum threads about it they go over them all. I just cba to do it anymore. Sorry if that sounds like a copout, but I’m just burned out repeating myself for weeks now.

Hmm I can see your reply history and dont see you saying anything about that. You actually are saying just 3 hours ago that tanks should be 1 per series.

Yeah that’s what I said here too? This is one of my replies earlier:

Check Bertimus’s post history as well as he has been trying to outline the issues with them as healers a lot.

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Kaivax could you please let us know when you attempt to fix this conquest issue with our gear not being able to be upgraded, please don’t tell me we have to play a broken game for awhole week before this is implemented :frowning: I know the penalty system will be implemented next week but I just want to be able to get gear to work correctly man common :frowning:


This is a step in the right direction, but still some concerns.

How will this interact if someone actually just dc’s? Someone could go 5-0 and then dc on the last match and suddenly they go 0-6? I dont like the idea of someone having a random dc losing like 100+ points. This would just be harmful for the mode as a whole.

At the same time, making the system different for dc’s would also enable people to justpull the plug when they lose.

My recommendation: All rounds count up until the player leaves. Easy.


The formatting issues are critical. The two tank pseudobrackets cannot continue to exist. It was okay for an unranked brawl, but there are huge issues for ranked.

As a tank player, you know that you are queueing into six matches against another tank and dps with no healers. The majority of the meta is going to progress in the main bracket with healers. The main meta almost does not matter in tank shuffle, as no healers are present and many specs are not built to function without healers. This leads to a situation where tank shuffle matches feel a lot more like toss ups with tank players just being able to ride the wave to way higher ratings skipping the main meta, and frustrating the hell out of the dps players who felt unlucky to get matchmade into the tank shuffle. The fact that games end on the first death just exacerbates this, because again - many specs just are not built to work without healers.

The best possible fix is to just enforce normal arena formatting in rated shuffle. Each game consists of one healer and two dps or one healer, one tank, and one dps. No pseudobrackets. Tank players can still queue, and have to face the same meta that everyone else does.


Could you please also increase the Conquest obtained from Rated Solo Shuffle?

Can we get an update regarding the reward structure? Currently there’s NO REASON to play rated shuffle if you can’t get any upgrades or xmog from it. At least give transmog rewards from it or let people upgrade gear based on rating achieved. As it is. the shuffle concept will have no reason to actually play long term.

love this, ty.

iirc, disconnecting from solo shuffle entirely causes you to just leave the solo shuffle and thus you’ll receive the penalty. is it possible to allow the solo shuffle to continue instead so they have a chance to return for later rounds?

Namely asking because you know, things happen and there are spells that can cause players to disconnect whether it be themselves or others.

There’d be no reason to keep it going. one team will ALWAYS be at a disadvantage them. Its like when you’re in a 3s match and one of the partners didn’t get inside. It becomes a roflstomp at that point.

So when you get stuck with the weak link healer and are 0-3 game ends when you would have gone 3-3. Nah
And stop with dc excuse, you can get back in the game you miss one round, you dc fully sucks q up. Creating a system to cater for 0.1% real dc’s instead of the 5 people who didn’t is a brainlet take.

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that sounds good and all but players who did win rounds still receive no reward. For dps with a q time, getting in, playing 5 rounds, having someone leave and getting NOTHING means you will kill solo shuffle within a week.

no one wants to play a game where having a winning record rewards you with nothing.


Such a needlessly aggressive response to valid criticism. Who hurt you?

Conversely, why is it fair that the person who went 3-0 suddenly goes 0-0 because someone dc’d or left?


it’s not, and this isn’t the first time i’ve posted that opinion

The way I see it, its the same as having a bad partner in 3s.

Someone ragequits after losing 3 games with you, leaving the arena, or dcing shouldnt automatically invalidate the games that were already played. You still lost 3 games, go next.

Allowing one person leaving to invalidate all games opens the gate to all sorts of shenanigans, especially as you get higher rated where the pool of people you play against is much smaller–you’re R1, you know this. There simply has to be a better way.

While we have a blue update finally… any news on a hotfix so we can upgrade our pvp gear?! or is someone gonna suddenly realize and flip a switch a mount from now?

Its good leavers are penalized, but the people who stayed should receive rating appropriate to their performance up to that point. If no rating is gained the people who stayed are still being penalized as well. Maybe put a cap to how much rating can be gained or loss in games where someone leaves early? That way it’s not a total waste of time. I suppose if someone left after the first round I would be okay with no rating change. So maybe once 3 rounds have been completed the rating gained or loss will be applied even if someone leaves.

I haven’t paid too much attention to the team makeup each round, but if it’s possible to have the same person on your team for the first 3 rounds that might need to be changed as well. That way you don’t get someone who’s trolling for 3 rounds then they leave and you get stuck with a rating loss. Although, a cap to the rating loss when someone leaves, as I mentioned before, would also address this.