Range tracker disabled

So idk why he said this, there is 0 change to the classic API at this time. add this to the end of imgur gB1l7v9.jpg

Who said what? I’ve been trying to find a blue post/notes on if this is really happening in Classic or not. It’s one thing for DBM twitter account to say this and have a post from Blizz themselves.

I mean, I think your example is dependent on comp.

A melee-heavier comp, or a strat that puts more healers on stage, for example, should still have ample room, albeit still potentially with issues if your comp requires certain dps to be closer to the stage for add management (snares, knockbacks, e.g.) the front could get crowded.

I think the other BPC example folks gave will be more common, since it’s not just starting position that matters, but as positions shift through the encounter due to gravity bombs, fire orb, etc. and then need to re-spread on the fly.

Given that this is the creator of the most popular WoW addon, it’s probably safe to assume he speaks with Blizzard via private channels, i.e. has a personal contact.

Well, the two posts by the DBM author on X said, in regards to Retail, that “An hour ago blizzard put out a hotfix”. Notice that this is past tense.

In a reply regarding Classic, somebody asked “Anybody know if this will happen in classic too?” and the DMB author answered “Yes. Blizzard has confirmed they are gutting classic range abilities too.” Notice that this is future/present progressive tense. As in it hasn’t happened yet but will and is in process.


That’s probably for retail.


Just for clarification, we don’t plan to make this API adjustment to Classic Era or Wrath Classic at this time. We will be reviewing this adjustment for potential inclusion in our next Era Patch (1.15.1) and Wrath/Cata Classic (4.4.0) which will both arrive sometime next year, but we don’t intend to pick up this adjustment at this time. This isn’t something we’d want to pick up mid-raid tier while guilds are progressing in ICC.

Thank you!


Thank you for the Blue Post!

Thanks for the update, but I seriously hope that you do not include it later.

Early WoW expansions have mechanics that brutally punish you for range, but don’t include the visual information in game to know if you are at that range or not.

The add-ons need access to this information so that they can provide the visuals that the game should have had.

Retail is better at highlighting mechanic AoE ranges before they land, which don’t exist in current classic era/wrath clients. It’s just going to make the fights where range matters more frustrating and feel like there’s less player agency in avoiding mechanics that the game doesn’t telegraph.


I agree with this

so it should be working for classic again?

Thanks for the update, and also support Smeetologists opinion on it being more impactful if removed in classic.

Why can we see your Forum User Profile, but not other blue posters?

Its still in Classic, DBM Alpha versions of the addon have the command disabled. So if you go to the released version of the addon. The /range “X” is still there.

It never stopped working. However, it is entirely up to addon authors if they want to pre-emptively remove support for this in classic or not on the assumption that we may, at some point, change this.


Why even remove a feature that’s been in the game for 15 years?


And it’s somehow fine releasing such a breaking and hated by absolutely everyone change mid season in Dragonflight? Double standards?

Why even change this after it’s been in game for over 19 years? How is this such a problem now and wasn’t in past 19 years?


Does this mean the probability of us getting better ranged indicators (more retail oriented) built into Cataclysm raids is a thing now? I’m all for this change going forward if that’s the case. If it isn’t then you’ll just have the same issues that you would have if you rolled out this change tomorrow. Maybe to an even higher magnitude.

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Mid season? The new raid just started.

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The fact that it already started before this change went live is already enough to not release such a breaking change. They could have easily waited until next expansion, or hell just don’t touch at all what was working fine for previous 19 years…

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As mysticalos (dbm head dude) said on twitter when it happened. Blizz already wanted to hit range indicators heavy back in 2018.


This has been a long time coming

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