Raid Tuning Coming June 21

We’ve heard feedback that several encounters in Sepulcher of the First Ones would benefit from adjustments, as they’re too difficult due to punishing mechanics, and we want to further reduce the likelihood that those mechanics can quickly cause an unrecoverable wipe.

We’ve also send feedback that the Lihuvim encounter was too constrained due to the difficulty of some of the Automa, so we want to make adjustments to open the possibility of different strategies to players. At this time, we plan to make the following adjustments with scheduled weekly maintenance on Tuesday, June 21:

Sepulcher of the First Ones

  • Lihuvim
    • Lihuvim health reduced by 15% on Mythic difficulty.
    • Resonance Cascade damage reduced by 90% on Mythic difficulty.
    • Increased the cooldown of Guardian Automa’s Form Sentry Automa on Mythic difficulty.
  • Halondrus
    • Aftershock damage reduced by 75% on Mythic difficulty.
    • Planet Cracker Beam damage reduced by 65% and its damage occurs less frequently on Mythic difficulty.
  • Anduin Wrynn
    • Hopelessness and Overconfidence duration increased to 16 seconds on all difficulties (was 12 seconds).
    • Blasphemy will no longer be triggered when coming in contact with an unmarked player on Mythic difficulty. The tooltip will reflect this change in a future patch.
    • March of the Damned damage reduced by 75% on all difficulties.
    • Soul Explosion damage and travel speed reduced by 30% on all difficulties.
    • Banish Soul cast time increased to 16 seconds on Mythic difficulty (was 12 seconds).
    • Necrotic Detonation cast time increased by 30% on Mythic difficulty.
  • Rygelon
    • Dark Eclipse now targets 3 players on Mythic difficulty (was 4).
    • Unstable Matter health reduced by 25% on Mythic difficulty.
  • The Jailer
    • Jailer melee damage reduced by 25% on all difficulties.
    • Torment damage reduced by 30% on all difficulties.
    • Unholy Eruption damage reduced by 30% on all difficulties.
    • Rune of Compulsion absorb reduced by 30% on Mythic difficulty.
    • Chain Breaker now targets the nearest 3 allies on Mythic difficulty (was 4).
    • Incarnation of Torment health reduced by 20% on Mythic difficulty.
    • Diverted Life Shield reduced by 75% on Mythic difficulty.
    • Chains of Anguish will no longer reposition linked targets when the primary target moves out of range on Mythic difficulty.

now I don’t raid mythic so I have no clue how needed these nerfs actually are.

but when I see “damaged reduced by 75%” I can’t help but raise an eyebrow.

Either why was the fight overtuned by such a massive amount in the first place,
or why such an overkill nerf?


The next ability was nerfed by 90%. Like what? I get it’s getting close to the end of the raid tier and I don’t raid anymore, but that is eye brow raising for sure.


Makes me think that they’re designing these raids for the world first folks? These nerfs are massive and they’ve already been nerfed previously by large amounts as well.


so the Anduin “Wall” is now a “suggestion” ?


I’m glad I was able to do this content when it was challenging.

I really hope you learn to design the game that encourages and teaches players to get better instead of constantly moving to goal post to satisfy engagement metrics.


Okay, now Anduin is without a shadow of a doubt the single most nerfed fight in the history of WoW and it ain’t even close.

Good, though. It was easily the most miserable pile of crap I’ve ever progged on.


Zero tank changes on Jailer for a fight where BDK/Brew have 600+ parses and the other 4 tank specs are barely breaking double digits, if even that.


My guild took all the nerf waves this tier. First on Halondrus, then on Anduin, then on Rygelon and now on the Jailer. It feels awful, blizzard. Maybe figure how you want to tune bosses beforehand so you don’t have to turbonerf them 5 times over.


Hopefully you guys don’t take the “raid too easy” people so seriously in the future.

Most nerfed raid by far in the game’s history. Hell, Anduin has probably received more nerfs than entire past tiers.


I would like to see raids that are fun to play. SOTFO isn’t really butting up on too much difficulty, it is butting up on too much misery. It is too long and too unrewarding. The end game economic design is max out your stats so you can charge people to play with you. This is a bad design when it is working well, and Blizzard can’t seem to find a balance of both having that broken system but implemented in a way that the community will shut up about. Make raids that respect your time and give you economic reward, find something else to monetize.


I mean if you gonna nerf stuff into the oblivion might aswell launch it nerfed. You objectively just made people that achieved it pre nerf nothing but fools lol.


This is all well and good. But I still wont see or clear mythic until dragonflight. Much like all of the BFA raids.

I progged Mythic KJ and the amount of nerfs Anduin’s gotten across all difficulties makes the amount of nerfs KJ got look like the amount of nerfs Sire got.

Easily, without a shadow of a doubt, the single most nerfed boss in the modern history of WoW.


Why are you ruining the raid and making it easy mode?

The thing about Anduin is that he was obviously designed as the end-boss of an 8-boss raid tier.

Then they scrapped the 4th raid and shoved the 3 bosses they had worked on into a TARDIS shoebox that wasn’t even connected to the rest of the map.

As an end boss, I think Anduin was fine. As a middle boss who doesn’t even drop 285 gear… it’s a serious “wtf?”


it feels like it’s worse than ever in terms of rebalancing mid-tier.

are they really getting tuning that wrong or do they have a non-rigid design philosophy now?

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They design the raids for people watching on twitch, not for people who actually play the game.


Balanced for the world first race, then everyone else gets a progressively nerfed garbage version. They should balance for the rest, not the best. Completely anecdotal, but it appears less guilds are raiding now than previous.


my take from all this is - “what is a anduin?”. I never got to play it even on lfr when i tried, it only EVER put me in at the second boss in that wing