Queues are ridiculous

Do servers even have a name?

Can you prove i made it up? Are you talking to Bobby?

They are called Servers.


Yes, they do. So you have no idea what you’re talking about then?

Burden on proof is on you to prove your claim. Waiting for that.

What type of servers are they?

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Are you suggesting you know what youre talking about? If so then what servers does Blizzard use and are they the best they can use?


Where have I suggested that? That’s right, I didn’t. I’m just asking questions to show you that you have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to this. None of us do. So let’s stop pretending that we do, yes?

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You questioning it without any idea what youre talking about it is rather presumptuous.

If you have no insight on the matter you should keep your opinions and white knighting to yourself, unless you for certain know Blizzard is operating at peak performance on these old servers.

We both know they arent.

There is the “Best” and then their is everything else, its more likely that these servers are everything else rather than the “best”.


Are you sure about that?

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Can you read?



Don’t engage with him. He’s literally a child, or mentally incapable to a degree and has free access to online utilities.


Oh i know.

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Bobby’s 23th Yacht > better server infrastructure
keep buying them boosts!

Yes, can you?

Yes, this is me showing you I know for certain that Blizzard is operating at peak performance. What else do you need cleared up?


You know for certain because a guy whos paid to monitor the forums told you so?

Or was it his special blue text?

Who specifically is that guy and where does he work?

What does he do with the servers?


Tried making that point last night to him…

WoW is using a 2012 server infrastructure

A 1998 MMO (Ultima Online - Atlantic server) tops out at 20k player. Mind you, they have HARDLY any income revenue

WoW on the other hand has multiple streams of income. Topping out at 50-75k should be child’s play.

Transferring to a empty server with no RDF (cross-realm) to progress is literal smooth-brain science. That’s not a solution, so don’t suggest that.

This will just lead to botting and people using Team-Viewer while at work… GG Blizzard.


I know for certain because the guy who would know says so, yes. That’s correct. Why would I believe you, someone who has no idea what servers are even called nor what servers WoW uses, over someone who’s paid to know that information?

Citation needed.

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Quiet child, adults are conversing.

I actually work on servers and lines for a living.


So you trust a forum mod whis is literally tagged as “Customer Support” to understand Blizzards server infrastructure?

Yet he works as a forum mod?

I guess its possible but i have yet to run into an Engineer who serves me coffee at starbucks.

I guess you would believe anything someone said if it was in blue writing tho.


Why are you guys feeding the troll? Let it starve.


But does your tag say “Customer Support”???


I need to apply to type text to people via forum

Is it located on Indeed?


The reason you don’t have a citation is because you’ve made it up.

Do you work with WoW’s servers?

Yes, I trust someone whose job it is to know this stuff over you, someone who doesn’t know what servers are and doesn’t work at Blizzard.

Customer Support Agents are more than just forum mods. They are experts on all information related to WoW and Blizzard.