Queues are ridiculous

I’m having fun just watching this forum.
Sadly I gave up trying to log into classic right now. I’ll just remote desktop in while I’m at work tomorrow and let the queue timer run.
Not transferring to a dead server or a US West server.
I’ve survived these queue times before, I’ll do it again.
Though it is sad that retail’s “megaservers” are at 20k+ pops and you rarely hit queue timers, even at Shadowlands launch Stormrage barely saw a queue timer.


classic runs on legion client ( now shadowlands, questionmark)
ergo everything runs in the cloud of datacenters
so the infrastructure itself if at least… 2015 ish

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Thats a you issue.

Citation needed.



Team Viewer FTW

As a former blammo refugee, I feel this pain too acutely. My entire community moved to benediction, it’s not as simple as wanting to transfer to a new place. Everyone I’ve played with since the start of classic is here, if I leave I’m saying goodbye to a lot of friends and relationships.

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That’s… not how technology works. That’s not how any of this works.

Trusting experts over some random forum posters doesn’t sound like an issue at all.

That doesn’t work when the other person ACTUALLY has sources to back up their claims.


9,000 people in queue, not counting everyone playing… and that’s just one server.

At $15 per month per player, that’s $135,000 worth of subscribers (per month) waiting to play the game on JUST ONE SERVER.

And blizzard can’t afford to buy modern servers?

Elder Scrolls Online launched in 2014 with one mega server that can host a nearly unlimited number of players with zero queues ever.

Small indie company, I guess.


we dont want megaservers we want balance


The representatives who staff this forum are dedicated to providing our players with the information and resources necessary to help ensure in-game experiences are as [EPIC] as possible. As part of this effort, visitors of this forum can expect to find a host of information pertaining to in-game and account issues, including (but not limited to):

Account Security and Compromise Recovery
Account and Character Services
Customer Support Interactions
Notable Customer Support Policy Changes

Where is his server credentials?

You literally linked nothing lmfao


Sorry, but a forum moderation / customer support agent is an expert at relaying information. They can be told the servers are made with cat5 cables and IBM servers from McDonalds and they’ll believe it.

Imagine working from home, passing along information as a job… that’s what they do. They are NOT experts. Stop glorifying.

Um Well Played Blizzard…over 11k queue :slight_smile:

they made a whole 1 hour+ presentation on how classic works on a blizzcon
but we all know asnwering to your posts is just a fun experiment since your trolling is hardly disguised



Did you not read the thing you’re quoting from? At this point Manure, it’s time to respectfully concede. You can complain about queues without pretending you know anything about how Blizzard should fix them or Blizzard’s “infrastructure”.

Right, and who relayed the information to him about WoW’s servers, Kirkoh? Do you think it could be the people that directly work on WoW’s servers?

Ok, and can you link me the timestamp of where they say Classic uses 2015 infrastructure? I’ll wait.

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And they wouldn’t lie about running 2012 servers. The same company who’s been assaulting women in the workplace for years.

Do you like CNN/MSN news too, Brandon?


I read it all.

No where on their does it say support staff or GMs are well versed in Blizzards infrastructure or servers.

Maybe you should try reading it?

You literally linked your source and it didnt back up anything you claimed.

Time for you to concede maybe?

You usually get away trolling people but beating you was rather easy…

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Before we get to whether they’re lying or not, you have to prove that they are running on 2012 servers. Which you’ve yet to do, likely because there’s no evidence to suggest this is anything more than complete conspiracy.

Are you sure? You must’ve missed “including but not limited to”. What that means is that list is not exhaustive. Does that clear it up for you?

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Clown probably opens up Facebook messages saying he’s won an island on Paradise Island and 500k in bonds.

Literally brain-dead and believes anything he’s told / sees / hears

I can prove it based off of years of school, multiple certifications, and working on servers whom of which over 100k people access daily.

A democrat?