Q is getting better

Last week I was late to a 7 pm raid time when I logged in at 4 PM. Today at 4:30 the q is like 10 minutes. Idk if its getting too much better but feels like it.

People like me arent playing until launch.

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Don’t worry, it’s gonna be bad again at launch.
Enjoy what you can lol.


yeah thats nothing but cope

everyone is done with pre patch

launch q will be omega giga

as in if ur not on by early morning u wont make raid


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Cuz there was a bug where the server was counting zombies as a player.

So all the Npc zombies were being counted.


Is…is that for real?

That’s what I heard.

Funny that the event ended and queue are gone.


No queue on Bene?

Like 30 minutes atm.

It’s definitely fishy… I remember when the big queues started, the time to login DOUBLED on every realm with a queue in the span of 1-2 days. Now from yesterday to today, all the queues are cut in HALF.

That can’t be explained with more/less people choosing to log in or not. We’re talking like 50k players per region that would have to account for.

My theory is still that they were throttling server capacity to inflate the numbers and encourage people to move before the launch to try and mitigate the problem. Who knows?


This is what many of us suspected all along.

Probably for a 2-3 weeks, as people level and gear.

It could easily be explained by a combination of things.

People have leveled and aren’t staying logged in for the amount of hours they were.

Some have taken transfers dispersing the population.

Fewer people logging in…

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The queues have gotten better everywhere (I’m not sure about Skyfury), I’ve been on Faerlina today and noticed a layer 5.

Skyfury’s not bad either. I logged in around 6pm server time and had an 80 minute queue.

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I ascribe to this theory


Imagine being conditioned to think a hour long que is not that bad


If I didn’t have other things to do during a queue time, or it bothered me in any way, I could very easily play on other servers. :slight_smile:

Imagine thinking there’s that much of an influx of players to cause 4+ hour ques…

Imagine thinking Blizzard hasn’t tampered with server population to force transfers breaking up “mega-servers” (Mind you, they said they wanted to not have this; mega-servers).

They have also said:

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Ill log in now to be ready for launch then lul