Q is getting better

That’s been proven to be a lie by multiple people

I strongly believe part of them abruptly cutting the zombie event short was the zombies were in someway effecting the queues. The theory is zombies counted as players, which would explain why queue numbers would go up sometimes then down again quickly once the zombies were killed.

The day they cut the zombie event off, grobb queues got insanely better. From 6 hour queues at primetime to 2 hours over night. Theres absolutely no way 8000 + people logged in for the zombie event.

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Yes, “proven”; ie; multiple people even council members and other people with much higher skillsets in tech.


All these giga brain “network engineers” have proven absolutely nothing on these forums as to the backend limitations.

I’ve heard some of the dumbest solutions possible come out in the past week from people claiming things they have absolutely zero knowledge of.

I have no reason to believe blizzard is lying about their current hardware.

FFXIV ran into the same issue on endwalker launch to the point they stopped sales because every server was hitting 8+hour queues at launch.

Its not just a WoW thing.


Could you link to the proof?

Higher than what or whose skillsets in tech?

It was a chipset; silicon issue for FF

Seems like Bloom, trolling and riding;;

Toodles baby girl

people get bored after a week, wrath launch will be bad then it’ll taper off after 1-2 weeks and people’s schedules start to kick in vs being online all the time

interesting theory but the massive 10k+ queues started before zombies

Kind of.

So the launch week of pre-patch, grobb saw maybe a 1hour queue at most.

Once the zombie event started, queues massively spiked up. From Day 1 of it onward until they ended it. The very next day after it ended queues dropped on Grobb by a lot, even at the tail end of AV weekend.

Not sure what it was like on Bene/Faerlina as i am not on them.

bene was hitting 10k way before zombies

Edit, I read it again and I’m dumb.

thats the play for real

Come back to your thread after wotlk launches …

I think everyone or most got their brutal weap or set from av weekend and now are waiting for launch prob. :cloud_with_rain:

No. On 9/14 there are X number of players. On 9/15 there are X -50k. It doesn’t work like that. There would be a gradual increase or decrease. We saw a step function in both directions in <24 hours.

Where do you get 50k from?

It could, it doesn’t have to be gradual if people are seeking immediate gratification and have a solution to it. I’m not saying that’s what happened, because I don’t have access to anywhere near enough data to have an opinion.


It wasn’t even a 1 hour que all day, yet during the event it was 7k+ by like 3pm.

Your theory strikes me as most likely spot on. It’s a smaller scale splendid example of what the global elites are doing to the the world right now.