I Feel Disappointed

I was really happy with the announcement of fresh, and the first couple of weeks. Yes, I had three and a half hour queues most days, but that was OK, because I was on a server that wasn’t going to have its population displaced by server transfers, and I am quite happy with my guildies and raid team.

We had a blue post highlighting the issues that adding a 2nd fresh PvP realm is likely to bring negative consequences:

And days later, we had a 2nd fresh PvP realm. I was surprised, and thought perhaps there is some disconnect between management and development.

Sure, I understand some people really cannot deal with queue times, but there are options. There are plenty of servers without queues. Heck, Maladath is also a fresh start server, and I don’t think it has any queues, so people had choices they could make. Anyway, I was disappointed.

The queue times seemed to have gone down considerably, so much so, and so quickly that one forum posted even proposed his theory that the queues were artificial:

To then open up server transfers from Skyfury to Angerforge is disheartening.

Now, I’m not intending on quitting; I still enjoy the game, and I enjoy playing with my guildies, but I am greatly disappointed with the decisions Blizzard has made so far with Wrath with regards to server and population management.

Disappointed as well… My main concern is ending up with one horde and one alliance server

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Yeah same. I felt like we had pretty good faction balance and a really fun server overall. I hope that continues :slight_smile: