PVP is officially dead

And the video provided showcased that someone with little to no reaction time will indeed be bursted down from full health by a rogue. Which seems perfectly plausible to me.

And the video I provided speaks on why the overall call for nerfs is unhealthy for the game rather than helpful.

If its OP its OP… Just because you enjoy it doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be brought inline with other classes.

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Like what do you even do here lmao, you have to bubble the very first global because you literally die in a single global if you don’t.

They said the same thing about fire mages and destro locks in 8.3.

You’re the one with the reaction time of a snail. :man_shrugging:

Cool it guy’s/gal’s. The real threat here is what they are doing to our pvp.

not so hot yeah

I’ll be honest, in my opinion you shouldn’t be a tank spec in PvP. Maybe it’ the years of blood DKs making world PvP awful that has made me get this sentiment, but I’m glad I can crush tanks in PvP right now.

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I know now you are just trolling i cannot take you serious

Also, this thread is dumb, tanks take extra damage in PvP.

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Well looks like Blizzard agrees with everyone haha, sorry had to gloat since you defending this crap so bad, use a defensive isn’t a solution and I’m glad Blizzard noticed this.

you clearly skipped over the expansions prior to legion… back when tanks were not tanky in pvp and did laughable damage… So things sound like they are back to the status quo, where you don’t need a party to take down a tank in pvp as I always found it to be BS that they were buffed to the point that some require a group to take down and do as much damage as a full dps.

Tanks are for PvE, not PvP, just as the role implies.

Defending what? Where did I state that MM was fine where it is?

I never said you said it was fine did i?, state where I wrote that then? I said defending this bull crap, with the aimed shot… “ohh they used it front on you and you didn’t use a defensive?”, “ohh I’ve had people negate my aim shot” and who can’t forget “should of just used a defensive as resonating arrow hits”, mate it’s friggen 0.3 seconds for all 3 shots to go off and deals over 25K and you trying to justify that it’s PvP and normal.

All I can say is literally 8 hours of all that you wrote karma hit you in the face. Boi Blizzard for once did good.

That’s not a problem for me. The problem is still going to be players who watch their opponents bursting on them and sitting there not doing anything. I’ve fought against MM Hunters and rogues and could quickly recognize when they’re bursting and have the power to negate it.

Issue’s not in my court. The problem is players who focus more on dragging down other classes they deem to be OP instead of trying to bring the underperforming classes up. No karma against anything I’ve said.

I’m done talking to you :+1:t4:

Nothing to counter my main point. Understood :man_shrugging:t2:

One can also kite, the other one doesn’t.

I don’t know, PvP feels more enjoyable now that everyone isn’t a walking mini tank.


And that is the problem with Sub Rogue. It’s the kit that can’t be balanced. You can’t just take a straight damage nerf and call it a day with what their kit is.

Sure you can nerf the damage. But at that point, it makes “burst” pointless because you wont be killing your target inside said burst window. So they heal, get away, etc and you’re left with a cooldown.

Okay so increase the cooldowns? This doesn’t work, because the class is still OP in said burst window. The guy you just obliterated in 2 seconds doesn’t care about your “burst window.” He cares because he simply got cheesed with no counter play.

Honestly, Sub just needs to get scrapped all together. It’s either OP, or utterly worthless. That’s how it’s always been, and that’s how it will always be. You simply cannot balance a kit like that

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