PVP is officially dead

I understand just fine you don’t. Let the game play out more than 2 minutes, let us obtain better gear, let the conduits come into play. Lets see how things look a month into the season and make a judgement from that point.
Also lets bring other classes up rather than bring things down. MOP expansion was a good representation of everyone being powerful and having fun.
As for me I choose fun.

confused unga bunga

Priest not smart man

I can only assune you are trolling…nobody is THIS stupid.

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Umm… It is Exactly the right response

I disagree. Because nobody can explain what exactly is happening to them when facing rogues and instead are just saying that it needs to be nerfed. People explained to me the MM burst and when I explained to just pop a defensive, they say it rips through it. Well in my experience at 180 ilvl, players who pop a defensive when they see me bursting tend to live.

Brother I’ve Qd into several 2700+ rogue teams over the past couple weeks. Won some games lost some games, but they were all fun AF because they were on a wires edge.

As soon as the rogues burst was over he was scared of us, and it’s funny what instantly disarming and war bannering a rogues burst will do

PvP has been dead since WoD maybe, MoP. There is no balance to PvP. In Bfa we had Twilight Devastation tanks 1 shotting people. In Legion DHs face rolling the keyboard as they flew across the entire map.

I don’t remember any time in recent memory it has been balanced or not smothered by some ridiculous system.

You serious??? You may want to read through. It has been said many times.

The most that gets explained is “I die in the first stun”. That’s not explaining what needs to be nerfed. So let me ask you directly. What abilities specifically need to be nerfed?

I’m not posting it all again, read through its all there, someone even posted a video.

I’ve said this in other threads and I’ll say it again.

It is well known that Sub Rogues, MM Hunters and Cat Druids need a pretty big nerf, at least to the burst aspect of their specs. People are getting stun locked and killed like happens in Classic. Fix it.

Where did they say this?

When I told my friends exactly how to counter MM burst from resonating arrow they all stopped having any issues facing MM hunters. People just need to learn that this isn’t bfa where you didnt need defensives to survive an entire teams burst CDs. No more “vitality conduit go burrrrrrr” to save them.


Okay. Well that’s your choice. Just as it’s mine to state that the stance I’m seeing here equates to…

“They’re having fun and I’m not. Therefore I want you to stop them from having fun so that I can have fun”

Also I can post videos too


I blame both Legion and BFA for players with the mentality that if they can’t beat it, it must be broken.

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once season 1 is in full swing the nerf bat is gonna come hard and fast

Its been dead for a while. You cant have a game centered around 2 factions where 1 faction(Horde) has better racials 90% of the games existence.

Meh, there’s really always broken high burst early on, they will either nerf it, or just let us out gear it, which shouldn’t take long with soulbinds.

It was a few years ago this was changed. Something that was hotfixed in. It was somewhere between 25-50% more damage. I remember there being a post too about flag tank flag carriers in PvP not getting the extra bonus dmg from carrier a flag since they already took bonus dmg. It’s been that way for a while. Go find a tank and test it for yourself if you want.

Are you mentally handicapped? Like, I am literally asking? You asked me to post proof of why we all think they are OP and half of this thread is splattered with it… Read it for yourself.

Which means they’ll be nerfed in PvE as well because of it which sucks.