PVP is officially dead

Oh and to the crowd who said before launch that always likes to say “you can’t judge a class by beta logs” or “sims don’t matter in beta,” well, here we are. We told you then that specs such as Sub, MM and others were broken OP, and you came at us with torches. Now you’re mad because the exact same classes we knew were going to be OP, actually are OP.

I feel like they could definitely work on all classes and figure out what some things make certain classes considered a bit more of an issue without just destroying them the way they often do. But I think other classes def need to be brought up to a specific class/classes that Blizzard likes as it currently is :thinking:

I agree. Nerf DH’s.

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I’m vengeance and 2 rogues at once don’t 1 shot me, they even used drest. Maybe it is a gear issue, I have 16% vers.

Wdym, that’s the change us MM hunters wanted. LMAAAAAOOOOO!!

Bad players are still going to get killed in one hit. This changes nothing.

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I just found it funny that they @ me about this like I’m supposed to be hurt.

I cant wait until I get the rapid fire legendary off the world boss :slightly_smiling_face:

Its actually going to be worse than double-tap pre nerf aimed shots.

Yeah…no. WW is not even in the same league as MM/Sub/Ret/Spriest when it comes to PvP. Yeah they are good but let’s not ruin a class and spec which has historically always been crapped on.

I mean that actually kind of makes me happy to hear LOL, sad to say, I was worried those nerfs would bring them back down to never played because one of the other two specs were going to sit on the hunter throne idk if thats still the case tho? Is MM top of all the specs?

With pet Rez times being so long, yes.

O shoot I forgot they did that honestly. I mean that’s good for MM I suppose? But, I dont think the other two specs should not see value either. Idk, I kinda agreed with that video I think Jalen posted? Where, I do think there may be things that cause issues with certain people’s bursts, but no one should be unviable or not see value. But also that there are probably undertuned classes that could be brought up to power too.

The issue with the pet rez is that it forces the hunter to waste aspect of the turtle to rez the pet. And then the pet dies 4 seconds later and the hunters team just loses the game because they’re essentially down a player because bm/surv relies on their pets. This affects surv the most though because they can’t play the game without the pet.

DH main says hello.

My Defensive have been nerfed into oblivion, no amount of paying attention saves me from a MM wanting to kill me.

Thank you come again.

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Darkness and blur. I’ve had dhs darkness eat up the entirety of my burst. And blur can negate some of it. Don’t press both at once though.

Holy spelling errors batman

“Dh darkness eat my burst”

Thats a 50% chance to evade. Dice roll.

I have 22k health. 2 aimed shots and I’m done.

“Blur negates some” Blur is a 20% damage reduction now… I get overkill way over 20% it does nothing lol.

My heals, all leech on a kiting enemy I can’t hit.

BD dodge, Gone.

Again, when a MM wants me dead I die.

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Get some gear man. And aimed shot just got nerfed. :slight_smile:

Thats 171 honor gear full.

Yep just seen Double Tap fat Nerf. All good now from my perspective.

Double tap Aimed shots were the issue.

Yeah…I think I saw maybe 1 surv while doing skrims as of late so it totally slipped my mind that they increased the rez time. But I did like how quick the games were, it didn’t feel so draining. So woohoo for MM still being able to recover from their nerfs I presume :confetti_ball:

For the leggo I assume?

You don’t understand. The aimed shot nerf was actually a buff.