PVP is officially dead

Being one shot from a cove ability isn’t brining pvp back looool

You are dying when you press disperse at 20% Hp instead of 100% sure. You aren’t getting 100-0’d while in disperse, I’m sorry, the rogue would literally have to do ~500% of your HP?

Also, you neglected to answer what your teammates were doing during this and why no one peeled for you with a stun or disarm?

WIth which CDs? Rogue sitting in stealth for 45s as you 3v2 his team? You also got all of his defensives in the first 5 seconds of the game? LOL.

Guys, seriously, in that video he popped SEVEN offensive CDs. If you refuse to react to seven offensive CDs you absolutely deserve to die. Also, that scenario of a guy letting him beat on him in the open world, does not translate to real games.

Remember the swifty one shot macros where he would kill people in under .7 seconds? And then it turned out that that never actually worked… yeah…

You’re a priest you have a million ways to not die from a single cov ability. This actually is a get good situation

Posts just like yours appear at the start of each and every expansion. All this time and people are still shocked that game balance is crappy at the very start of the gear curve. I look forward to reading this post again in two years.

Just learn 2 use your defensives. Rogues aren’t that bad to fight solo anymore.
PvP is alive more than the last 2 years, thats for sure.

So they just replaced Corruption with Cove abilities? Now instead of everyone lasting 15 minutes… Some classes can 1 shot. Man Blizz, how the mighty have fallen!

You can disperse in the stun but you won’t survive the time it takes for dispersion to heal you back 50%. Kyrian sub burst is too strong right now. Hopefully blizzard tunes things down a bit. A good kyrian rogue will end anyone in a matter of secs.

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Do they have the PvP Trinket Set on?

A tank in PvP by itself is wrong, should get an auto 75% increase damage taken debuff.

You think Kyrian sub rogue can do 500% of your HP in a cheap shot?

Thats how much damage they would have to do to go through your disperse, as long as you react on time and not super late… which I suspect is what happened

This should be the poster child quote for why some people have no business in PVP.

You disperse as soon as he opens and you’ll live. But yeah, kyrian sub is a bit op and needs to be toned down. Remove drest too.

With more gear things will get better rather have fast games. Who wants damping 30 minute games. You all wanted tool kits back now stop crying and enjoy the game . Let everyone gear up in conquest gear then revisit the issue if needed.

I don’t subscribe to the idea of tackling other classes who are enjoying themselves because we view them as overpowered unless it’s a situation that barely anyone can deal with. Rogues and many other classes are having fun right now. Why can’t we ask the question…

“What are certain classes/specs missing that we think should be addressed?”


Get more vers
Get more stam
Get more conduits
Use your trinket
Get a healer

Another one that doesn’t understand or cant read… sigh… NO ONE is saying going to that extreme, we are talking about balance.

It’s Official, boys! Everyone go home!

We are… and the global opinion is, Rogues and hunters are not a little, but crazily OP.

I’ve played randoms for many years, aside from the scenarios where you actually need a tank for aggro purposes - it turns into more of a troll activity because the game isn’t balanced for payers v tank.

I also say this because I go guardian in WSG to run flag, and it is absolutely HILARIOUS because it takes an entire team to make a dent.

I’m not disagreeing with your point on rogues.

That’s the exact opposite of what my suggestion was.

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