PVP is a total mess. This is the worst ever design

Wether anyone wants to admit it or not nobody plays mmo pvp because it’s some legendarily difficult thing to pull off it’s because they want something to be able to fill the gap where motor skills and decent play should be (gear) so the moment in legion they took that away there was uproar. I also imagine it’s cause the boosters were taking a massive hit due to gear not being the thing that decides wether you can have fun in the game or not and by extension blizzards wow token did to


So is it a tacoloaf then?

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I am not sure that will make much of a difference.

WoW PvP Is pre-determined by the amount of CC/Interupts/Stuns you have available, followed by coordination to jump on one person after successfully creating an opening.
There isn’t a whole lot of motorskills required, just attention to detail and FOTM.

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Are you seriously this delusional to think that people who enjoy casual battlegrounds that have to force themselves to do arenas to 2100 rating (on every alt as well) just to be able to be competitive and not die instantly, isnt bad game design?

Name another pvp game that innately makes you less powerful simply becuase another person plays rated matches

You must not have played wow pre legion


Wow pre legion you could 1v5 with gear. More so than now

i remember vanilla in Alterac with greens. was the best pvp ever, next to DAoc PVP at the time

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I mean someone can have all the CC in the world but it don’t matter if you get 1 shot by some mongoloid.

Which will become much worse with 300+ item level gear this season.

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I love gate keeping alliance in BG, and I got survivor 4 in GW1 trap raiding, and almost mater rating in gw2 rated pvp. Deal with it till you are the gate keeper and stop crying.

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I only play leveling pvp. Max lvl has been broken for a VERY VERY VERY long time.

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Thats hilarious! I dont know why i found this so funny but thanx, i needed a laugh. Cheers! =)

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I dont know why ive never thought of that. I am quite the chef and want to take this idea and make it brilliant. How did it turn out?

Tasted great, ide recommend

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Did you fill it with cheese per chance?
Did you top it with taco sauce or ketchup?

Put sour cream and cheese on top afterwards

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Did you play in WOD? Just wondering, because if you did not you do not know what you are talking about. You can’t even imagine how great the gear system was and the number of players that loved PVP at that time.

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You speak rubbish.

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For clarity in this response, CC includes : Interrupts, Slows, Stuns, etc.

Your exception to the rule is a broken class aka FOTM?

I don’t think that makes much of a refute to my point. What do most comps have in common? Crowd control.

The game is built around CC . Who gets the right rng set up on CC is going to win. The more CC you have, the better your odds are of winning. Add in borrowed power that is scaled terribly (Broken classes), you’re S.o.L.

Yes there is some disparity between skill, but generally speaking, the math behind having more CC means your odds are already favorable. Adding skill into the mixture, i.e fast reflexes, attention to detail, etc, will make it more difficult to counter.

Adding broken dmg profiles only makes the former points irrelevant, as there isn’t any counter play, or attempts to counter. Still, despite that balance issue, it doesn’t change my statement. Having more CC tilts the scales.

You have 1 Trinket. I play Demonology Warlock, I have an Aoe stun, felguard grimoire stun, an interrupt that is a stun, another interrupt (pvp talent), plus two fears, one being mortal coil the other aoe that doesn’t share the same GCD as poly. Then the baseline fear. If someone can survive a triple fear, double stun, and I don’t have to use a trinket, my odds are way beyond theirs.

If a rogue pops on me, and tries to use his go, i can stun him with my pet. I don’t have to trinket. I can then fear, fear, mortal coil, and have a tyrant, 3 dogs, and a felguard grimoire (stun). I could then chain stun again with shadowfury. That entire time, there is no trinket used on my part. Some classes may have an easier time getting to me. But thats not counting my peels. Demonic circle (60% speed boost ontop of my base 14%), gateway, etc.

Unless I was caught unaware, or the class is exceptional at closing gaps, there is a disadvantage, having 3 classes with that level of control, can be problematic. I’m by no means a perfect player or top player, but its making the point clear. Crowd control is a very important aspect to winning in pvp.

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ITT people (bots) whining about how its not their fault they suck. I take characters from 0 gear to fully-geared and competitive in like, less than 24 hours. being undergeared is a temporary hiccup, rite of passage, that lasts not even a week nowadays (that’s if you take your time) stop making your whole personality arround being undergeared. you’re like when someone complains they can’t buy a house on a minimum salary…yeah no sh** it’s meant for students and semi-retired people, not someone trying to save up for a house. same with crappy pvp gear. it’s meant for casual pvp fun, not rated play.

Ion was also leaving out all the other borrowed power grinds that increase the delta even further

Right now there is accessible pvp gear that puts you 20-30 ilvls from max, so you;re fighting a 10-25% gap on gear generally

But then you add tier, which is easily another 20-30% and for burst purposes sometimes 40% - and tier takes forever to get regardless of whether you are trying for raid drops or grinding the /timeplayed catalyst system

Then you add your legendary, a low level one is pretty fast after you grind the blueprint but leveling it up is gated behind pretty large torghast grinds and the gap is gonna be another 5-20%

Then you add your 2nd legendary gated behind a ton of questing, another 5-10%

Then you add getting all of your conduits and then leveling them up, easily another 10-20%

And finally getting 80 renown for a small boost and to even unlock higher tiers of honor gear

It is literally the biggest pvp power gap to ever exist in wow, and in aggregate they take more time than any pvp gear grind that ever existed before

And the icing on the cake is currently requiring tiers of rating to increase your conquest gear which also requires rep grinds per piece on top of the conquest and rating you already grinded out

The entire system has no focus on fairness or accessibility at all, just a huge grind that ion’s team was hoping they could get the pvp players to do

But instead rated emptied out almost completely and unrated also lost a ton of participation

Ion’s team couldn’t be further out of touch - and now after 6 years of this crap pvp gearing designs we go back to WoD style scaling. 6 years of chasing more and more pvp players away from the game.