PVP is a total mess. This is the worst ever design

Unbelievable how bad it is atm, not fun to be useless in a battle even after grinding 253 and 268 pvp gear.


Opening up these forum posts and watching smelly neckbeards gate keep PvP from people wanting casual fun in an MMO.

These players are actually bad. They never touched original GW1 PvP either with flatcap stuff.

We need to start a movement where we just say “No Lifer Propaganda” to all these losers.


Wow, I take it some glad player triggered you.

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No he just wants to be able to participate casually in pvp without someone with probably more skill to have so much of an advantage, there would be no chance of beating them. Thankfully Blizzard agrees with him and is changing it back to WoD gearing for DF.

Are you triggered and sad that you won’t have an unfair gear advantage anymore? Aww


I want fair gear advantage but game is fine even in 260 gear atm if your friends are caught up as cc and skill is far more important in threes. You’ll hit a wall around 1600 but that’s okay since being under geared is a temporary issue that doesn’t last that long.


go to youtube and search for this video:
’ Nahtzee - The n00b effect’

i’m not going to link it here, because it uses 2008 language, which is too harsh for this forum. but it’s prophetic in the way it called you out over a decade ago.


It’s not if you are a casual non-rated player. Again you’re forcing him into a part of the game he doesn’t want to play. You used to be competitive in bg gear and eventually get the full conquest set (that didn’t have upgrades that were gatekeeped by rating). But now you’re not once the season progresses.

In WoD you could have 0 arena rating and get the full conquest set eventually. Also the bg set was competitive. I had 9 alts fully geared by the end of the season and loved it.

Now, you have to struggle and have literally zero chance in battles to even get the bg gear to then have to upgrade it… and even with it upgraded fully (after however many thousands of honor you grinded)… you get less and less competitive as the season progresses.

And all of this on top of the fact that people have 2 legendaries that they had to do other content (torghast and zereth mortis) and covenants grinded with conduits and soulbinds. Yes, pvp is a mess… and thankfully they’re literally removing all of this in DF and agree with OP.

Blizzard has catered to every playstyle except the casual pvp’er and SL saw them completely dump on the casual pvp’er.


Ion said in an interview that 1 Ilvl = 1% more dmg/heal. So someone in 260 gear vs someone in 300 ilvl gear has a 40% advantage. That seems pretty significant to me. Uncapping conquest would allow players to get the same ilvl gear that they can get from maxing out honor gear with no rating. Then they would need the rating and a significant amount of honor) to make it significantly better. I don’t see the problem with allowing players who want to put in the time and effort to gain the gear they deserve. PVE already does this, pvp is just looking for the same.


Ion isn’t really a good authority to appeal to when it comes to anything PVP. not only does he barely if ever PVP, but there is a notorious pattern where if his guild fails at a boss, it gets nerfed. same thing in PVP, only 2 times have i ever encountered EJ members in PVP, both times i curbstomped them and both times DK got nerfed hard out of the blue the following tuesday.


I agree that he doesn’t care about pvp. However, I do think it’s telling to hear the game director make that statement and then to hear people say that XX% doesn’t make a difference. If someone can produce enough damage to effectively delete you before you can react then that’s a pretty significant advantage.

That playing field may be leveled in a few months but I just don’t see the problem with allowing that happen more rapidly. Maybe a dimishing return conquest cap through the season or something like that. Start with 2k the first week, then go to 3500, 4500, etc, etc,


If you’re not having fun in wow pvp I suggest hanging it up until we get DF. Nothing is going to change until then.

The funny thing is they never mentioned gear. They used GW1 as a base point to their argument lol.

Are you saying you are the reason they nerfed DK?

yes it is terrible. they need to remove the set bonuses. it is unbalanced. if they do that, i may change my mind.

i’m just saying that when an esoteric forgotten about spell that pretty much only I use gets nerfed shortly after i killed a dev with it, it’s a stretch to call that a coincidence.

Ya it’s to late now. That can’t be done. At least not in Shadowlands.

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I’m excited to see who/what the new BG Forum Boogeyman will be in Dragonflight.

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Dragonflight is not going to improve pvp that much outside of the gear. If you aren’t having fun in shadowlands from time to time, achieved at least duelist + you will not have fun in Dragonflight. The game will still be unforgiving, comp focused, and classes will still have huge outlier cringe builds one shotting you time and time again.

I think people are a lot more tolerant of dying to player abilities (even if overtuned) than dying because of gear differential. One you can adapt to and play around, the other not so much.

TTK was also quite fast in Legion even with it’s templates with some of the classes having one-go kill potential.