PVP is a total mess. This is the worst ever design

I promise you, these forums will still have the same tears time and time again to abilities. Gear is an excuse not a reason for holding people back outside the 1-2 weeks to gear up.

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There is a clear distinction between being beat by ability usage and being beat by gear.


majority of people that pvp regularly have the gear though. 2100 is very easy after a couple weeks into the season when the R1s already are 2400+. 2100 is achieveable first week too.

I don’t get this argument outside of someone coming back at the end of a season gear handicapped with no time or patience to gear up.

Better Gear leads to Better CR but around 2100 + the CR is up to you, your partners, and Comp building.

shadowlands is a dead world. need a new better place then this. needs better gear. the low ones, i disenchant it and clean the mess. no one wants the old one.

Shadowlands is just the opposite of bfa

in bfa people complained that games lasted to long and so now in shadowlands they usually last under a minute blizzard doesnt know or just doesnt care enough to put in the effort to do delicate balancing and find a decent area inbetween to slow and to fast

Let’s face it.

As a new player to Wow PvP, would you stick around ?

Wow this 10-19 bracket is super fun.

Wow this 20-29 bracket is just players who don’t pay a cent towards the game and have an advantage over players who do.

Wow this 30-39 bracket is pretty fun

Wow this 40-49 bracket has some players with with Shadowlands gear and some who don’t. I again die in 2 seconds.

Wow this 50 bracket is great for players who didn’t buy Shadowlands.

Wow this 50-59 bracket is pretty fun. A lot of max level players in here for some reason .

Wow this max level PvP is pretty fun. I didnt do rated bg but I did get my 7/7 gear and 2 legendary items. I should be fine … Oh wait, players are still killing me in 2-3 seconds.

Get the idea boys and girls ? Shadowlands PvP is trash and the worst it’s ever been.

Easy to fix of course but hey, it’s Blizzard.


Who is everyone talking about anyway? I can’t recall the last time I saw someone advocating for/defending gear gap. Basically everyone from R1 Glads to the 3 hour a week casual BG dads hate this gearing system.


I think its the bg heroes that get 1400 and start foaming when they go into a random and see someone on the other team with less hp than them.

Basically the only ones who want the gear gap are the ones who would benefit the most from it’s removal.


Can’t wait to come back and people are 301+ ilvl and I’m 260 ilvl :slight_smile: .

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So they go backwards from equalizing everything which we laid out exactly why and how… and you think this is just a whiner’s complaint? Big oof

No. I just have been around this forum (and game) long enough to know that people will be here in January blaming their new perceived reason for why they are losing random BGs.

I am not arguing in favor of the Shadowlands formula. It was horrible, and it helped decimate the PVP population. The arena ladder has never been so sweaty at such a low rating.

But you watch, come Dragonflight we will be having the same discussion it will just be (possibly) wearing a different hat.


Actually Blizz triggered us with lack of design and poor PvP attention for years. No new BG maps, no BG balancing, no Epic BG reworks,… and…

The worst gearing expansion in history.

PS - Remove all the jarring CC like Spear, Abomlimb etc… It’s just unfun for everyone.

But at least one valid excuse will be removed regardless of any other invalid excuses.

Aside from gear disparity, I actually like the combat of SL, with a few notable exceptions that took way too long to receive balancing

U gonna feel useless with 10k hp diference unless u are a much more skilled mage or other class with big damage…

In reality is more, damage reduction counts for a bigger diference in damage taken.

I used to have fun in randoms and epics, thats gonna be improved ALOT with the new gear system.


Thats not true, the ranks are by percentage, no matter how hard u try, some players wont get past 1500, not mentioning some ppl dont have friends to play with, or time.
I’ve been watching a glad player who plays pala since ever and get glad every season, hes yet to get 2400 this season on x3, its not that simple.

Only those 12yo who like to stomp others like the gear gap.

My sub ends tomorrow.

What if i told u the pvp department got 10k U$ in SL and they built a new arena map and the pvp transmogs with that money?
Yeah, they got 10k for pvp development in SL and the pvp content was a single arena map lol
Thats the level of pvp love blizzard have.

Do u remember being one-shot in S1? Well, we still are being one shot in S4 if u dont.

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No Lifer Propaganda

Last season did random battlegrounds in season 2 gear and I dd just fine.

I love the system that lets me upgrade my honor gear. I’ve only recently returned and it’s been nice being able to jump into the content I enjoy. However, it’s concerning seeing so much hate for other players…

Those who invest time and competitive effort SHOULD get nice things. I think we need to remember it’s not the players that frustrate us, but the system. I don’t have a solution, but something that “caps” ilvl, like 10-20 over best honor gear specifically for casual play would be nice. That way people putting in the time still keep advantage without it being astronomical, while also slowing the ilvl creep.

I love playing casual bgs, I dislike arena and rbgs. I dream of being able to play with everyone where we’re closer in gear so it’s less about blaming others and curbstomping.


In PVE players are rewarded with better gear for defeating more difficult content.

In rated PVP players are rewarded with better gear for defeating higher rated players.

In SL casual PVP (random BGs), players are NOT rewarded for defeating higher rated players and they are NOT rewarded for defeating more difficult content (higher ilvl players, premades).

The concept of reward for difficulty was pulled out from beneath the feet of casual players and this is a massive reason for SL PVP being such a dumpster fire with so many players opting to unsub and play F2P 20s, which in turn alienates new players and sends them packing, stifling the potential for future growth.


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