"PVP happening on a PVP server"

You know what I said with those banal cliches? You’re being incredibly obnoxious for its merest sake now.

We would also have no more issues if Blizzard, I don’t know, did something about this.

Why haven’t they introduced the ignore feature yet? It was designed for people like you…

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Its not their job too. They created various realm types for you to choose to play on.

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I could make so many counter arguments to this, but why bother?

In the end, you’ll just keep saying it’s not Blizzard’s job (even though it clearly is), keep repeating that original WoW never upheld balanced ratios (even though the problem we see now is clearly much worse), and keep repeating the same old tired cliches of “PvP happened on a PvP realm” (which is just the “big lie” tactic meant to brainwash people).

You are a troll. Whether it’s just for sadistic pleasure, or you’re being paid to spread this, it doesn’t matter.


World of Warcraft Classic

If you do not wish to engage in regular PvP combat in Classic, select a Player versus Environment (PvE) realm. PvE realms offer a limited and structured environment for PvP encounters. Players on PvE realms can actively choose when they wish to engage in PvP combat by enabling or disabling their PvP flag at will.

The following actions may be considered dishonorable but are considered legitimate PvP tactics and will not be addressed by our Game Master staff:

  • Corpse camping.
  • Tricking players into getting flagged for PvP (i.e. jumping in the middle of another player’s area effect spell).
  • Killing players well below your level.
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You are a horde player on a balanced or horde-majority server. Your opinion is really moot in this thread. Sorry, you just don’t experience what some servers are experiencing to be able to make any counterargument - as weak as they are.

This is unplayable and needs to be addressed.

I have experienced it. Thats why i created a toon on a pvp server.

They are releasing battle grounds early to counter this behaviour on Dec 10th.

Uhhh no… sorry to shatter your delusion but unless you’re playing horde on Heartseeker you are playing on a PVE server.

Actually. Last night i landed at Kargath while waiting for the other 4 players to get there. We dont run solo into BRM. Attacked by 2 rogues and a hunter. Rezzed inside the hut for some extra cover. Noticed more horde players outside and went to join them.

Along came a 10 man level 60 alliance raid group intent on killing the level 40-50 players in town. Us few level 60 players killed a few of them, and managed to free our flight master. Their raid team fell back.

We left Kargath and headed into Searing George. Just upon changing zones we were attacked by the 2 rogues and the hunter from earlier. Our 5 man lbrs group, having 2 shaman, made quick work of them. We continued onward towards BRM, passing the lower level alliance along the way, leaving them be - for now.

Getting close to the BRM gates, we noticed a massive swarm of alliance players heading from Thorium Point - they like to control that fp with atleast 30-60 players. We took the left run up the lava and managed to get inside the saftey of the gates. Hunter frost trap, frost nova, blizzard, gy run.

We ran back to our corpses and upon rezzing, noted the horde BRM chain defense pushing the alliance back outside the gates. We managed to tag a few stragglers before they died. A few honor points later we were up the chain and on our way to lbrs, excited at the amount of activity we had experienced from Kargath to LBRS.

Nevermind, my mistake. Sounds like you are playing on a RP server, because you lost me at “Us few level 60 players killed a few of them, and managed to free our flight master”

Please do not confuse your experience on your server (Yojamba) with the experience that faction minority players on high pop PVP servers are having… I’ve uploaded three videos as reference.

I wrote it in a slightly RPish way. The morale of the story is Alliance were camping Kargath. Alliance were camping Thorium Point. Alliance were camping the entry to BRM. Horde were holding the chain.

Despite Yojamba being a Horde favoured server. The ‘minority’ was there, killing and camping.

I watched one of your videos. Corpse running into a zone is normal on a pvp realm. Im confused at what made you think otherwise. I have only tried to offer advice and solutions that Blizzard themselves will tell you.

Expect this behaviour on a PvP server as normal. You had/have the option of creating a toon on a PvE server and you can choose to pvp on your terms.

ty sir for posting what every alliance on whitemane been going through

Listen, I’m not complaining about corpse running to a zone. Kromkrush was horde-favored pre-phase 2. There was a lot of PVP going on, I participated on my main. It was fun, even though it was unbalanced. I did a lot of corpse-running from 30-60 on my main. However, since the release of phase 2 - thousands of horde players came out the woodwork making entire zones unplayable, locking down 50-60 zones which leads to a lockdown of raid content. Literal raid groups chasing down and camping level 50s right off the flight path…

I don’t know what you are trying to accomplish telling people “you rolled on a PVP server this is normal” because it’s 100% not normal, you are playing a horde majority server, you would never understand what it’s like to log in to WoW with limited play time only to spend 85% of that time as a ghost. Please stop trolling until you have actually “experienced” what we are experiencing.

And yet there are you playing, playing what is the “PvP server experience” that everyone talks about. Yes you spend a lot of time dead but you are still in that zone and still playing. The zones are not unplayable and on servers that would match your preferred play stayle (Normal servers) they are even playable by your definition. Don’t like unbalanced, no rules, open world PvP then you should not be on a PvP server.

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Its 100% normal for a time in a game on a pvp server when there is no instanced pvp combat.

I played on Frostmourne HORDE for years. Its about a 20-1 faction imbalance.

After Dec 10th and ther bg’s release, the world will normalize and it will go back to

I don’t understand what you are trying to accomplish here…
First of all, the ZONE Searing Gorge is UNPLAYABLE. Same with Burning Steppes, WPL, EPL, Un’goro, Winterspring, Felwood. There are roaming raids of geared 60s patrolling as you can see in my video.

I was not PLAYING in the zone, I was simply running as a ghost to get to BRD where I can actually PLAY the game, not as a ghost. We are not talking about a 5v3, a 3v2, 2v1… We are talking about 20 60s vs 1 level 50. That’s not what “PVP” should be like, but it is 90% of the time on our server.

Once again, what do you horde players on horde majority servers wish to accomplish by telling people to go to a PVE server? If you weren’t such bad PVPers you would be pushing for blizzard to help with faction balancing. instead of downplaying the bad experience that other people are having.

Right and you are playing by engaging in PvP with them (they may insta kill you but you are still engaging in PvP with them), you chose to be flagged at all times, this is the experience you wanted.

Oh I agree that is why I don’t play on PvP servers. that is what PvP is on those servers.

We are simply stating that you should have rolled on a pve server if you didnt expect this, because a pve server gives you the option to flag for pvp or not.

That is what wpvp WAS like before the introduction of instanced battle grounds.

There is nothing stopping you from taking 500 players with you to clear a path to BRM, by killing and camping anything and everything along the way. Maybe you should be posting on your realm forum - https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/c/kromcrush - and organising players to retake the zones.

Can you two just stop? Nothing either of you are saying is a valid counterargument to the point I’m trying to make. I’m going to lay it out for you both one last time before I simply stop replying to your trolling.

I chose to play on a server when I am flagged at all times, this is NOT the experience me nor any of the other alliance players “wanted”. PVP was not like this in Vanilla, my guildies and other players posting on the forums can affirm to that. I know this i true, why? Because Vanilla servers held a FRACTION of the population that Classic currently has on each server.

There are more people playing on a LOW pop classic server than a High pop server in Vanilla ever had. The simple fact that we are this outnumbered means that your “solution” of gathering 500 players to clear a path to BRM is simply NOT possible. Even if we did bring 500, the horde would just come back with 2000.

but it is what you chose ,what you wanted was not what you chose, you chose this experience.

Before the servers went live , with the announcement of classic and the higher populatoin caps this was talked about ad nauseum on the forums, you should have known this was coming.

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Ignorance is not a valid argument.

What exactly did you want and expect from being able to be killed at any time without any provication? PvP server.

Did you expect enemy factions to simply ignore one another unless they were actively involved in a battle? PvE server.