Pvers stop crying please

Pvpers had to play bfa that trash can of a expac don’t want to hear whining from pvers anymore


I haven’t seen many pvers complaining about anything regarding pvp, if anything it’s pvp that’s unhappy with the game as is.

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My whole pve guild complains about pvpers being better geared than them. They don’t do mythic raiding or pvp.

I still remember those faces telling me this is a PVE game so it makes sense for PVPer to grind WQ back in 7.0 and 8.0
Glad they are doing something they don’t want to now



Can’t count how many “omg I don’t wanna arena/rbg to get gear, so stupid!” I’ve heard in guild discord this expansion. Welcome to the life of every PvPer the whole last expansion. You think we wanted to farm islands and world quests and visions and mythic +s in order to gear up for PvP?

Now that said, I don’t think its good for it to be this way either, the best system is one where neither PvErs or Pvpers feel forced to do content they don’t enjoy.


Agree. Although I feel the best system is one where the various end games are fairly integrated. So, if you’re focused on one aspect (say raiding) you can still do mythics and pvp.

Splitting the game into branches never struck me as a great idea as it makes wow more of a theme park instead of an MMO.

not necessarily, you could still participate but you should be far less effective than players than focused on that type of play. youre still going to have the psychopaths that do both and compete at extreme levels in both respected fields but for a majority of the player base they know what content they would rather participate in

I kind of agree with you in principle. The issue is in practice when you try to integrate them you have balancing issues. Like we have now where PvP gearing is just miles better than PvE gearing, even for PvE, or the inverse of it that we had in BFA where PvE gearing was just infinitely better even for PvP. I agree if they could balance the gearing out perfectly that would be ideal, but realistically trying to integrate them will inevitably result in one of them just being objectively better. IMO the most practical systems is one where they are seperated and just make PvE gear good for PvE and PvP gear good for PvP without worrying about trying to balance them off each other.

Looks like 9.1 will fix this with WoD style gearing, and that will be amazing for both PVE and PVP crowds.


Totally, they are completely different game modes with completely different gear progression needs.

This is a theme park, no matter where your gear comes from.

You can still do them. And with WoD gearing, the barrier to entry for everyone will be even lower in PVP. Do the content you love, and get rewarded for that content…easy.


Best post I’ve seen in battlegrounds for a long long time. True and to the point.

We are all wow players. Why you gotta be p-racist?

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Not the person you responded to, but my guess is this type of response is coming out because for the entire last expansion PvPers were told over and over “just PvE dude, it’s not that hard” or “Raiding is the real end game of WoW anyway, no one cares about PvP” or “the best gear in the game should be from PvE” etc… So there is a bit of satisfaction to be had from seeing the shoe on the other foot for once.


I agree, and although I am on the side for fair play it is nice that the shoe is on the other foot for a change. I told everyone it would not go over well if they made PvP gearing better or even comparable to PvE.

this is a great reply

…LOLOLOLOL…not one of these addresses that gear>skill…not one, all I’m hearing is how GREAT the advantage of better gear is…pvp should not be about gear, it should be about skill or lack of it…this game is sad…

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How is the shoe on the other foot? PVE players have always had a massive gold advantage vs PVP players. PVE players have always spent gold to help gear themselves. Now instead of them using their mass amounts of gold on mythic boosts, they use it to buy boosts for PVP. Lmao you’re delusional if you think their going through what PVP players went through in BFA.

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There is no tangible difference between pvp’ers and pve’ers. We all come from the same pool of players.

one back pedals and the other doesn’t.

On the contrary, SL PVP changed the game for me. I was a raider/high key runner all BFA (and a raider since TBC). I started PVPing because they ruined M+ gearing, next thing I knew I could no longer stand doing static boss content.

I’m sure I’ll still clear the raid once or twice each season, but PVP is just more fun, for me anyway.