Purchased a WoW token for 190k from the AH, only had 344k gold and somehow ended up with two. Help?

I grabbed a WoW token from the AH for 190k, and it seemed to be lagging out a little bit so I pressed the buyout option again, and got two of them. I didn’t have enough gold for two tokens.

I used one of them for account balance as I’d intended, and I’ve left the extra one alone. Ticket responses are taking forever right now and I’d rather not get in trouble over this. Is there anything that can be done? Should I just open a ticket and wait for a GM to respond and delete it?


you got 2 tokens for the price of one, use em both lol

Id leave ur ticket open im not sure if a GM will intervene tho tickets are averaging 2 weeks.

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I’d rather not risk being penalized over it.


Leave it open but GM tend to be hands off when it comes to the AH.

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There’s quite the story to be read about “ghost tokens,” if you Google it or search these forums.

I don’t know all of the exact details offhand, but it has something to do with the system sometimes creating placeholder ghost tokens in your bags during redemption.

Then, on a rare instance, these ghost tokens don’t get deleted as they should be.

I know none of this really helps, and you’ve done exactly what you should. Just some light reading while you wait for a ticket response.

Your gold balance likely only shows that 190k was deducted, yeah? I mean, your gold didn’t go to zero did it?

Edit: Here’s a couple links.


Thanks for the response. I had to open a second ticket because the first one was an automated reply with a couple of links to common Dragonflight issues article, but to answer your question, I received two separate tokens in the mail. So I’m not sure if I fall under this ghost token category.

But yes, currently I’m at 153k gold. So it only deducted 190k.

I’ve opened a second ticket and I’m still awaiting a reply.