Punch card nerf?


Was this documented?

(Kaivax) #3


I can confirm that the change to increase the output of Red and decrease the output of Yellow Punchcards is intended. We’ve got a hotfixes update coming in a few minutes that includes it.

The goal here is to better calibrate the power of Red and Yellow Punchcards to have greater synchronicity. While the numbers have changed, the overall output should be similar. Players wearing a Pocket-Sized Computation Device with Red and Yellow Punchcards of comparable item-levels should see either a similar output or increased output (from yesterday).

Why did you nerf punch cards?!
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"Blizzard gaming, nerfing fun since 2018."
(Desombras) #4

Did we not have a ptr? Seems this should have been right from the get go!

(Hardwire) #5

You say that like the PTR is for testing or something, and not for streamers to hype themselves.

(Desombras) #6

My bad! I’ll get with the program eventually!

(Rhielle) #7

It’s almost as if a small testing group can’t account for all variables in a live environment of millions of variables… :thinking:

No one will read this part and will instead just rage.

(Desombras) #8

You know what they say about excuses? Google it.

(Caféaulait) #9

O’ the days of old when Blizzard would put patch notesas soon as the patch was out. /sigh

(Cilivia) #10

False. I don’t even know what “punchcard” is yet.

(Hardwire) #11

This isn’t an exotic bug, though, this is “did not do the math properly”.


I’ve got a red card that redestributes my stats, and the nerfed activateable one, will I see simmilar output too?


Nobody ever reads past the first sentence…

(Hardwire) #15

My attitude is more “players can take PTR data and run sims, why can’t the devs?”


Nice communication AFTER THE FACT…JEsus you guys are really dropping the ball bad. Why bother with PTR any more?

(Elenstelle) #17

Fix it. Revert the change. Consistent stats are much more fun than stupid procs.


Does Blizzard pay you well?


Hurry, if you rush to his aid fast and hard enough you will get extra bonus rep with Blizzard!


The Blizz Defensefarce is working overtime lately

(Rhielle) #21

Because it’s not that simple. And even player guides change later. You’re talking about a small group in a closed environment as opposed to a massive group in an open environment.

Good to see you don’t read my posts to know how much I criticize them all that time and then just make snarky comments that have no basis in understanding. :+1:t2:


YOu have almost 10,000 posts since the new forum switch. You post like its your job