PTR Updates

Seems like collections tab from retail is added.

Included with this is…
Account Wide Mounts
Heirlooms Tab
Account Wide Pets
Account Wide Toys tab.

Titles are NOT account wide.

Trap launcher for hunters is in.
RDF not in yet for testing.
Quest helper not in yet for testing.

Possible Wild Growth fix
Possible Infernal reset on wipe/boss kill.

Huge Shadowmourne changes.

Full notes below for discussion.

Continuing the discussion from Wrath Classic 3.4.3 PTR Development Notes:


There’s also no quest helper, no RDF, and group finder is broken, it says Message: ...ns/Blizzard_LookingForGroupUI/Blizzard_LFGBrowse.lua:128: attempt to call method 'ClearDataProvider' (a nil value)

Yeah, I assume these things are being tested later in the testing process. Ill add those :slight_smile:

Also, trap launcher for hunters.

I could actually see that making it into live, not entirely sure I can see account wide stuff making it into the game even if I wouldn’t mind.

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Yeah, hopefully they will. Though from their dev interview, they said they hope to have the quest helper ready for 3.4.3, sounds like they’re not entirely sure they can make it work.

Edit: Aggrendx said in LFG chat “RDF is not in this build. it’ll be in a future PTR build.”

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your name fits how i feel about that lol


wasnt there an attempt cap in icc? jeez i dont even remember for sure.

Yes there was.

The Shadowmourne chain buff is actually great, the only part I think is abit far is that 25 normal dropping at the same chance as heroic, but if that change is needed for the rest I guess I cant complain, well done.

There was, but it was removed from normal when the lich king released and I barely remember them being a thing on heroic.

I got one thing to say OMG BIG W FOR BLIZZARD THIS PACH ALL WWWWW Not a single thing bad to say except maybe no rdf but We do know that’s coming later so.

Thank you blizzard

Gotta say, pretty awesome stuff!


Wrath is actually saved.

*except for Shadowmourne. Put it back to terrible drop rates and let the people suffer. Keep the rep grind for the dedicated. Primordial Saronite was something to work towards as a community the first few weeks. Adding in the excuse with Val’anyr being attached to it as a reasoning is trolling. Fragments are being handed out to Guilds capable of clearing Ulduar after the phase was over, not before.

As a collector, I love all of the new additions here. I know this may sound a bit nitpicky, but I’m really hoping that titles also get added to the account-wide party, seeing as though I have a total of 25 on one character, including numerous world event holidays, pre-TBC ranks, TBC attunement titles, Salty/Chef titles, and Loremaster (with The Seeker), possibly the two most time-consuming achievements to get in the game.

Wat, you just did the rep grind in 10 man trash runs, up to the first boss then out and reset.

Dedicated my hiney.

Why is the hunter trap launcher in? They just adding random stuff from Cata now?

Cause it fixes a big issue for all hunter specs. They could’ve buffed black arrow, but that only really fixes survival, not the other specs.


It’s the easiest way to try to fix some major hunter issues without reconstructing the class.
The not able for use in PVP bit intrigues me. I agree that it should not be a pvp ability but how is it being implemented? Does being flagged pvp disable the launcher or is it some other means?

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Nifty can use my mim’s head on all my alts.

Yeah I just went in to test again. Mims head and Amani War Bear for all my chars is pog.

Appearance tab for cata looks like a sure thing now. Gonna rock Corrupted Assbringer on all my toons.