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Holy crap I didnt realize this! THIS IS FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!

I love all these changes.

Here’s your answer.
It’ll be a similar spell flagging to Lay on Hands not being usable on Arena, but this case just including BGs too.

It all looks good on paper but it took them until P4 to do it. Basically too little too late. It all reeks of being done to prepare for cataclysm, not actually help wrath.

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Yes it would’ve been nice if it was in earlier, but whatever we’re getting it now.

So a silly question. Does the character that actually earned the mount (we’ll just use the Amani War Bear as an example) have to continue to exist or can it be deleted and the rest of your characters still be able to use the mount? I get the basic premise of account-wide mounts but not precisely how it functions. I didn’t play any expansions beyond WotLK so I honestly haven’t a clue.

Assuming it’s like retail it becomes account bound and not tied to any specific character.

That would absolutely make my day. Thank you very much for the response.

Can we use the Flying Carpet on non tailors? dumb question but it would be cool if so

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Unless they change it specially for Classic, no. Even on retail the carpet still has a tailoring requirement

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Right things that are faction/race/profession specific do keep those restrictions, but you don’t have to relearn them on every character.

Hmm… i’m seeing the set favorites option in the collections but not the actual spell to mount/summon a favorite.

It very much reeks of “holy crap people are quitting the game in droves”, but I’ll still absolutely give them props for these patch notes.

Finally preferring quality of life over “you think you do, but you don’t”-level crap deserves credit.

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Found some of the values for the gamma dungeons:
Blood Rune (DTK/Gun): Now increases damage by 70% and health by 305% (up from 40% and 180%).
Shadow Rune (AN/ToK): Now increases damage by 70% and health by 260% (up from 40% and 150%)
Arcane Rune (VH, Ocu, Nex): Now increases damage by 70% and health by 215% (up from 40% and 120%).
Frost Rune (UK, UP): Now increases damage by 70% and health by 215% (up from 40% and 120%).
Titan Rune (HoL, HoS): Now increases damage by 70% and health by 880% (up from 40% and 580%).
Plague Rune (CoS): Now increases damage by 70% and health by 215% (up from 40% and 120%).
Gladiator Rune (ToC5): Now increases damage by 70% and health by 215% (up from 40% and 120%).

Also the following new spells:
Your spell and ranged damaging critical strikes have a chance to grant Rallying Cry of the Tournament Champion to your party, increasing haste by $424411s1% for $424411d.

Your direct healing spellcasts grant Confessor's Wrath, increasing your spell damage by $424457s1%, stacking up to $424457u times. Lasts until $424457m2 seconds after your next harmful spellcast.

Edit, there is a new currency 2711 called Defiler’s Scourgestone. I’m assuming that’s the replacement for Sidereal Essence.

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What do you all think the currency for these will be for? Togc 10?

I think the following changes will be made to loot for P4

Ulduar 25 Hardmode Gear will move to 10 Man Hardmodes, also a chance for 25 man raid to drop additional piece of loot.

TOGC /TOC 25 man gear moves to togc/toc 10 man. TOGC 25 man drops additional piece.

TOGC 10 man heroic gear moves to sidereal vendor.
TOC 10 man loot moves to new Gamma dungeons. Gamma dungeon End bosses drop trophy of crusade.

Because trapweaving was not intended for hunters to do in origional wotlk. And this fixes that issue for all 3 specs.

Trap launcher was the perfect fix for hunters.

If i could add one more thing i would make beast mastery talent (the 51 point talent) to also cause the hunter pet to gain the hunters armor pen.

This effect could also be disabled when in combat with an enemy player.

This would buff bm dps by a bit. It would still be behind MM and SV, but not by as much.

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