PSA: You can recover your lost BG tokens in the mail!

Yay now I still need to do 200 hours worth of honor farming!

Choose burning crusade classic in the window where you get Modern WoW | Classic | BCC

Trying this out later today hope I’m not too late. =\

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LOL!!! Right?!

I don’t see how you guys are getting this to show your classic toons. I’ve found several ways to get to the correct screen where you can recover mail, however every time it ONLY shows RETAIL toons… no classic toons… wtf

There’s a picture on there that shows where you can select between the 3 options of retail, classic era, and classic bc. I literally have step by step instructions in the imgur post.

Got it now… god what a pain. Thank you!

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Blizzard nor many other menu systems are any good now days. Look at modern web page design.

Makes you wonder how hard they got hit in the head to build so badly.

I did this exact thing yesterday after servers came up and it didn’t work. All it did was restore the mail with no mark attachments. Opened ticket with GM who confirmed this was intended and that marks couldn’t be recovered.

Awesome! glad to hear you got it working. It was such a pain in the butt, that’s why I put in the effort of the step by step approach. Just too easy to get lost otherwise.

We did not find any eligible mail on this character.

And I got booted out of at least 10 AB matches… Any idea?

Just wanted to highlight this thread.

We made a change yesterday that allowed these items to be picked up by the item recovery system.

If you’re expecting Marks that you earned after the pre-patch went live, and don’t have them, you can hopefully check for them and restore them.

Go here, select ‘In-game Issues’ and then ‘Items and Mail’ to get started.


Thanks mate! totally see how getting our marks back from the mail is paramount given im going to have 250 odd extra AV marks after finishing grinding my 2h weapon.



This doesn’t even matter anymore because it’s impossible to farm the honor to use them.


Oh my god. A fix for marks when the community is begging for help with the honor system lol.


oh my god how slow can one company be.


For some reason, I only have 4 mail with no attachments, even though I should have like 30 AB Marks.



Thanks I’ll put those marks with my 12 honor.


Is it possible to take a look at the lack of honor gained from honor kills?


you killed bgs feel happy about it!