PSA: You can recover your lost BG tokens in the mail!

You can recover your lost BG tokens from farming the day before prepatch by going to recover expired mail for the burning crusade classic on the website, and restore them all to your mailbox. Friendly PSA for all the PVPers out there.

Edit: Here’s step by step instructions on how to do it starting from the front page. They made this pretty ridiculous, sorry. ><

https:/ /imgur.c om/a/sjhcjWu


Thanks for the heads up!

Didn’t work yesterday, and a GM told me it was intended to not work.

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I went through the automated system, not a gm, and can confirm I got my marks back 5 minutes ago

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Where exactly is this? I tried the usual item restoration but I don’t see my marks there. Could you share the url?

Then they fixed it.

I’ll open a ticket. :slight_smile:

Takes going to the in game issues menu, then “items and mail”, then “recover sent, deleted, or expired mail - world of warcraft classic”.

https:/ /imgur.c om/a/sjhcjWu

I’m not saying you’re wrong, I just can’t find it where you are saying. And had multiple people tell me that it didn’t work for them when they tried to restore their mail.

It absolutely did not work yesterday, and a GM then told me that is by design.

3 tickets logged.

Nvm, just tested it out. Got all my marks back. Thank you so much, OP.

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You guys want to go to Support Home > Contact Support > World of Warcraft > Recover sent, deleted, or expired mail - World of Warcraft Classic.

All your marks will be there. Just check the boxes, press OK and cha-ching. Enjoy your marks.

I’ll be linking them this thread.

They’re probably trying the traditional method of item restoration. It isn’t that method that I’m talking about. Sorry they made this crap ridiculous. Here’s a step by step method.

https:/ /imgur.c om/a/sjhcjWu

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uhhhh holy crap, you are the man

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I was SOOOO happy when I found out lol. That disappointment of waiting all day to log in to loot the mailbox… just to find it empty was a pretty big low. xD

That just saved me 30 AB marks lol

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Just made a lot of guildies very happy

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I had farmed out 33 ab marks farmed out the day before thinking “well, I might as well get my most despised bg out of the way…” That plan horribly backfired lol.

I’d say “Blizzard, hire this man” but I wouldn’t want to set him on a crappy future.

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How are you able to select classic characters? This only brings up a list of RETAIL charachters? I’d love to test this, but I’m at the exact screen to do it… yet only my retail characters show up with no way to switch to classic (not that I can see).